A deadly triangle: How did teacher's teen lover die? His head was in his hands, his hands were in cuffs, and his wedding ring was in place. He was a man accused, dissolved in tears.

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18 year old looking for knoxville girlfriend

He murdered my son, execution style, flat out. Tamara and Brian Mulkey were friends and neighbors of the couple for years. She did not. And then I remember going to work and they were asking me what happened because I had a black hear. Her attorney says she deserves a second chance.

Erin McLean was apparently so distraught by the killing that a few days later she attempted suicide with non-prescription drugs at her mother's home in Nashville. Natalie Morales: And she wasn't getting any help as far as you knew? Whatever was going on, few seemed to know Sean Powell was involved with a former teacher.

Natalie Morales: Neighbors of yours have said that you would actually go out to dinner with Sean Powell in tow.

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loooing But then when she was sober she would deny it. Natalie Morales: What did she tell you? I was just so upset. That same month the couple had another troubling conversation.

18 year old looking for knoxville girlfriend

Bruce Poston: I'm not going to try to make her out to be the villain. Just verbally abused him all the time.

18 year old looking for knoxville girlfriend

When police arrived the "intruder" was dead and Eric McLean was gone. And they wanted to create a family. After all of this? Tamara Mulkey: We never, never could have imagined that anything like this could have happened.

18 year old looking for knoxville girlfriend

As for what went on during the seven minute gap between calls, Blackburn says Erin doesn't know that much because she was in girlfrlend house when the fatal shot ran out. I'm presenting evidence and the jury will come to their own conclusions.

18 year old looking for knoxville girlfriend

But then, by last winter, Sean Powell became a regular visitor to the McLean home. It was Saturday, March 10, just before p.

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Eric's parents could see that Erin was devoted to her work. It's like we made these decisions together to start a family. Poston: They looked at the evidence and said no. Having at 18, he says, made her feel she had missed out on the best part of her life. They had a baby boy named Eric, Jr. Eric McLean: She just felt like she had lost her youth. And I said, "Why not? But it seems that over the next several weeks, that relationship became sexual in nature.

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I don't know. In an arraignment last month McLean's attorney said, simply, "It is going to be a war. Friends, meanwhile, are still stunned. And to Eric's parents, Erin seemed determined to make the relationship work. And the evidence in this case is horrific. He was charged with first-degree murder. Tanya McLean [Eric's mother]: He would take his books and study while he was on down time. You know, I had no idea what all was going on in the background.

The evidence has suggested that he went outside, he got in his vehicle, he lit a cigarette, and he's sitting there. But two weeks later, that mysterious girlfriend placed a call to Debra Flynn's phone.

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I just couldn't leave her. Eric McLean: Yes. And she was just yelling at the top of her lungs. They were at a party and he saw her dial her voic. He admitted -- on national television, no less -- that he had shot Powell while the teenager sat in a car outside the McLean's home.

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In a class at West High last fall, he first met a student teacher. Knowing his marriage was in jeopardy and not wanting a divorce, Eric McLean says he just put up with the unusual friendship.

18 year old looking for knoxville girlfriend

Natalie Morales: People are going to say, "How dare you blame the victim? Natalie Morales: I see you're still wearing your wedding band.

18 year old looking for knoxville girlfriend

Natalie Morales: Was she talking on the phone with this year-old?