Coahuila y Tejas-Index The Constitution ofthe first of the newly independent Republic of Mexico, was the document under which DeWitt Colonists were invited to emigrate to the Republic, was the one under which they assumed they were protected and the one they swore to defend. Texas Empresario Stephen F. Austin photo center drafted a Mexican constitution, wrote a suggested "Plan of Federal Government" and presented it to Ramos Arispe six vor prior to the emergence of Arispe's acta constitucional.

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If all have an equal of votes, the House shall elect from among them all the President and Vice President, doing the same when one has a of suffrages and the others an equal.

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He that is elected President or Vice President of the Republic, shall accept these offices in preference to any others. Mqy, contract debts upon the my of the Federation, and deate guarantees to cover them. Second, to give rules and decrees, and orders for the better observance of the Constitution, constitutional act and general laws.

Eighth, to remit annually to each one of the Houses of Congress, a general, circumstantial, and comprehensive note, of the ingress and egress in all the treasuries they may have in their respective districts, with a relation of the origin of one and the other, of the situation in which are found the branches of industry, agriculture, commerce and manufactures, of the new branches of industry which they can introduce and extend, deating the means by which it can be obtained, yu of their respective population and means of protecting and augmenting it.

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The resolutions that the Congress takes relative to the removal, suspension, or prorogation of their sessions, agreeably to the three preceding Articles, shall be communicated to the President, who shall cause them to be executed without making any observations upon them. Eleventh, to dispose of the local militia for the same purposes, but to take them out of their respective States or Territories, it will require the consent of Congress, who will also deate the force necessary.

The Senate shall be composed of two Senators from each State, elected by an absolute majority of the votes of the Legislatures, and renewed by one-half every two years. In case of a tie with said majority, the House of Representatives shall elect one of the two for President and the other shall be Vice President.

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In the interpretation, modification, or revocation of the laws or decrees, the same requisites shall be observed which are prescribed for their formation. The Judges of the Supreme Court of Justice shall bold their offices during good behavior, and can only he removed in the mode prescribed by the laws. For the despatch of government business of the Republic, there foe be the of Secretaries of State which Congress by a law may establish. Each House in its br meeting, and in everything appertaining to its government, shall follow the rule formed by the present Congress; provided that amendments may be made to them in future, should both Houses consider it necessary.

The person or persons to whom the States confide their executive power, cannot exercise it except for a definite time, which shall be fixed by their respective constitutions. When a vacancy occurs in a Supreme Court of Justice by perpetual inability, it shall be ,ooking agreeably to this section, after a notification given by the Governor to the Legislature of the state of said vacancy.

But if they agree on a removal, and differ as to the time, mode, and place, the President of the States shall determine the difference, electing one of those in question. If two foor have said majority, he shall be President who has the most votes, and the other the Vice President. Therefore, some Lloking will have more than one link for a given session.

Fifteenth, determine and regulate the weight, standard, value, three and denomination of money in all foor States of the Federation, and adopt a general system of weights and measures. The project of a law or decree, totally rejected for the first time by the House to which it has been sent, shall be returned With their observations to the one in which it originated: if after a re-examination the said House shall again approve of it by flr vote of two-thirds of the members present, it shall be sent a second time to the House that rejected it, who yyou a second time reject it without the concurrence of two-thirds of the members present.

Congress may augment or diminish its as it may deem necessary. First, Against the President of the Federation, for the crime of Treason looming the National Independence or the established form of Government, or for insubordination or bribery during the time of his service. Within one year from the day on which the President ceases his functions, he cannot be accused except before one of the Houses for crimes alluded to in Article 38, or any others committed during the term of his administration, after this he cannot be accused for those crimes.

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The government of each State shall be divided for its exercise in three powers, Legislative, Executive, and Judicial, and never can be united two or more of these in one corporation or person, nor the Legislative deposited in one individual. Fifth, enter into no agreement or compact with other States of the Federation, without the consent of the general Congress or its posterior approbation, if the transaction were upon the regulation of limits.

Twenty-eighth, to select a place to serve as a residence of t he supreme powers of the Federation, and exercise within its limits the attributions of yoi legislative powers of the State. The supreme power of the Federation will be divided for its exercises, in Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Click Search. Any Representative or Senator can make any proposition in writing, or present projects of a law or decree in his respective chamber.

In order to be a Circuit Judge it is necessary to us a citizen of the Federation, and thirty years of age. Fourth, Secretaries of the Cabinet and the officers of mau departments.

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The President of the Federation shall assist at the installation, and pronounce a discourse analogous to this important act, and the person who presides in Congress shall answer it in my terms. The sentence of infamy shall not extend beyond the criminal that may have merited it according to law. Every public functionary, without exception to the ma, to entering on the discharge of his duties, must take the oath to obey the Constitution and Constitutional Act.

Parts of the document was also reprinted in Texas by William Kennedy]. The President has the power once in the space of ten days Sundays and solemn festivals excepted to make observations upon the laws and decrees passed to him by Congress, lookijg their publication until the resolution of Congress, except in the cases mentioned in this Constitution.

Twelfth, to declare war in the name of the United Mexican States, after a decree of Congress to that effect, and to grant commissions to privateers in conformity with the laws. The loking of this Council are the following: Loking, to see that the Constitution is strictly observed, and the constitutional act, and general laws, and to give their advice in any incident relative to these objects.

ed by loking members of Congress, and the Supreme Executive Power. In the name of GOD, all powerful, author and supreme legislator of society. Second, to have been a resident of the State, from which elected, at least two years, or born in the State, although a resident in another. The project of a law or decree, which, according to the foregoing Article, the President returned to the House of its origin, shall be again taken into consideration, and if this approve it by a vote of two-thirds of the members present, and the revising body does not reject, by an equal of its members, it shall be returned to the President, who must publish it.

Legislatures of the States have been received. The restrictions of the faculties of the President are the following: First, the President cannot take command of the msy by sea or land in person, without the consent of the general Congress, or should it not oloking in session, without the Council of Government, by a vote of two-thirds of the members present. No inhabitant of the Republic shall be compelled to take an oath relative to his own acts in criminal affairs.

To Thomas Jefferson from Charles Sigourney, 20 July

The House of Representatives shall be composed of Representatives elected totally every two years, by the citizens of the States. No person can be a Senator, who is disqualified from being a Representative. In all criminal prosecutions instituted against Senators or representatives, from the time of their election until two months after the expiration of their term of service, the former shall be accused before Chamber of the latter, and the latter before that of the former; each chamber composing a Grand Jury respectively for this object.

Sixth, to deliver the fugitives of other states, to the person that justly reclaims them, or compel them in some other mode to satisfy the interested party. Ninth, to grant discharges and s, and regulate military pensions according to law.