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The representation of Aboriginal people in custody is even greater for women than men. According to of the Homicide Survey, while aomen of men accused of homicide has remained stable, the of women accused of homicide decreased over the to reference period. Females also ed for one in five cases involving the charges of failure to appear in court or other administration of justice offences, drug trafficking, possession of stolen property, and assault level 1 and major assault.

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Although Kale people make up a larger proportion of the populations in the territories 42they remain over- represented in territorial correctional facilities. Whether the rise in adult female rates of police-reported violent crime reflects an actual increase in female offending or a change in enforcement practices cannot be determined from the data presented here. Rates almost tripled between andand continued to increase until after which time they have remained fairly stable.

Most of the increase in female rates of violent crime can be attributed to an increase in the charge rate for assault level 1. The of completed adult court cases involving a male accused exceeded those involving a female accused across all offence.

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Chart 9 Rate of adult males charged by police by offence category, to Despite these declines in property crime, there have been increases in violent crime rates particularly among adult females. Representation seekiny Aboriginal women under correctional supervision 40 The representation of Aboriginal women and men under correctional supervision has been well documented in recent years, and has steadily increased.

This is seeoing across Canada, albeit more pronounced in the western provinces and in the territories.

Table 7 and rate of youth and adults accused by police, by sex and type of crime, Similar to their victimization, females are most likely to commit acts of violence against their spouses or other intimate partners. An increase in the of cases involving a female accused was found across all provinces for which adult court data were available 35with the exception of Newfoundland and Labrador, which saw a small decline. The lower incarceration rates for women held true across offences with the exception of being unlawfully at large, prostitution, disturbing the peace, drug possession, and YCJA offences 34 where women found guilty were equally or more likely than men to receive an order of custody.

Some of this increase can be attributed to a steady rise in cases involving a female accused. There are several possible factors that influence the proportion of cases found guilty. Chart 7 Women as a percentage of adults charged with Criminal Code offences, to For example, the increase in the proportion of female offenders charged with property crime can be attributed to a substantial decline in property offences by males.

Further, some cases are stayed or withdrawn pending the completion of diversion programs for first time offenders, and prior research suggests that females are more likely than males to be one-time offenders.

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According to a youth self-reported delinquency study, only a small fraction of crimes perpetrated by both boys and girls were reported to police. Female offenders in Canada Much of our knowledge of female offenders in Canada is taken from administrative data sources, which record criminal incidents that are reported to police, or are processed through the courts and womne systems.

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Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in most European countries. Aboriginal women in federal custody were also more likely than non-Aboriginal women to be assessed as having needs in multiple areas.

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However, this decrease has been more substantial for non-Aboriginal seekijg, resulting in an increase in the proportional representation of Aboriginal people among sentenced custody admissions over the same time period. Past research suggests that an accused is generally more likely to plead guilty to at least one charge when faced with multiple charges.

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Some of this decline has also been attributed to the introduction of the Youth Criminal Justice Act YCJA inwhich encourages the diversion of youth who have committed non-violent and minor crimes away from the formal court system. The rate at which women have been charged with violent offences has increased over the past 30 years. However, trends that focus on the relative proportion of female offenders should be interpreted with caution.

A similar increase can be found across offence Chart 7. Box Table 2 Women as a percentage of those employed in justice-related occupations, to Although the representation of women in policing is proportionately lower than most other justice occupations, it too has seen real growth in recent years. research found the same to be true for Aboriginal men in custody. The types of offences for which females had the highest involvement were similar for adults and youth, and have changed very little over the past five years.

Rates of female youth offending exceeded those of female adults across all offencewith the exception of homicide or other violations causing death, fraud, traffic violations, and prostitution Table 7. Table 8 Violent crimes perpetrated by females, by relationship of the accused to the victim, This pattern is considerably different than that of male offenders, wherein most violent offences are perpetrated against acquaintances. Female offenders in the courts 28 Since females are less likely than males to be charged with criminal offences, they also for a smaller proportion of those dealt with by adult and youth courts.

A higher proportion of Aboriginal women than non-Aboriginal women entering federal custody were assessed as having rehabilitative needs in a of areas, including substance use, marital and family relationships, employment, and social interaction. This could be a contributing factor to the high representation of Aboriginal offenders in custody.

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However these data sources may underestimate the incidents of female offending due to the fact that not all incidents are brought to the attention of the police. Riggt youth crime 2 were, on average, triple those of adult women. The percentage of female youth admitted to sentenced custody has also increased in recent years. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market. This decline was fuelled by a steady decrease in the of crimes against property cases such as theft, break mle enter and mischief.

For example, rates of assault level 1 were perfemale youth compared to peradult females. Table 9 Females and males accused of homicide, by relationship of the accused to the victim, to Trends in female perpetrated crime The proportion of women charged with criminal activity has increased over the past three decades. Upon entering custody, offenders are evaluated for rehabilitative purposes.

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While rates of men charged with assault level 1 have decreased since the early s, women's rates have more than doubled, narrowing the gap between the of females charged with violent crimes and the of males charged.