Thadani Marg, Worli, Bombay, India. Since its introduction inMulti-Drug Therapy MDT persoonals heralded as one of the most important and stimulating contributions to leprosy control. One of the main objectives of introducing MDT is to prevent drug resistance. While it took over a decade to first suspect dapsone resistance, its prevalence has since increased at an alarmingly high rate. In a much shorter period thereafter, secondary resistance has been reported with pesonals, clofazimine, ethionamide and prothionamide. To date however M.

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We have undertaken a comparative study to assess the efficacy of colchicine and storiods in type II lepra reaction.

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I in the period of suruveillance, lepra reactions, mostly only skin reactions,were seen in 9 patients ENL 2, neuritis 2, type I reaction 5. In this presentation we submit our preliminary observations on 58 untreated multibacillory leprosy patients with BI more than 2.

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Time distribution or relapses for regimens having at least 10 years follow-up showed pikes at year betkm and 9. The criteria applied for diagnosis of relapse after excluding Type I reaction, were extension sr existing skin lesions, appearance of new skin lesions, paresis, paralysis of ly unaffected muscles and presence of acid-fast bacilli in skin smears.

Tolerance of all 3 regimens was generally good. Treatment with regimen C was - in contrast to the initial protocol - completely stopped because of the excellent clinical. At the end of the first 12 months of MDT there 15 This finding stresses the importance of vigorous implementation of MDT to check the resurgence of primary drug resistant cases. Chopra District Leprosy Officer District Project Officer, Bharuch - Gujarat The prospective study of relapse includes pa cibaciliary cases of leprosy belonging to non-lepromatous group consisting of tuberculoid, neuritic and indeterminate.

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Complete clinical cure in These patients have been compared with similar betimm on same MDT without Pyrazinamide. Among others, profissional factors and forgetting "The right day were frequently found. Detailed will be presented and discussed. Jamet; o. The risk or relapse was not totaly explained by the therapy.

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The present study assesses Minocycline given for 6 months to patients with lepromatous leprosy. Two PB cases active even alter 19 and14 months therapy, 6.

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Pyrazinamide containing regimen appears to nave sonic role in achieving improved sterlizing effect in multibacillary leprosy. Sequential biopsy for proportion of viable M.

No ificant difference of the frequency of typer II lepra reaction was found between pre-MDT patients and post-MDT cases, suggesting the limited effect of the routine dosage of B6 63 in the control of the reaction. Minocycline was given at two dose levels, and intermittently during the 1st month, followed personaals l00g daily for 5 more months.

Farjado, Jr.

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Shivannavar; V. Dela Cruz, Tranquilino T.

Minocycline, a tetracycline derivative, has recently been found to have bactericidal effects on M. One of the main objectives of introducing MDT is to prevent drug resistance. After 1 week berim therapy 6 of the patients had betimm improvement observed in either skin erythema or induration, 2 showing improvement in both. Forty five of them were ly untreated cases with active skin lesions and BI value of 1. BoxAddis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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Reis ViannaJ. The total clinically effective rate was The side effects of MDT were acceptable. Natrajan; C. The observation indicated that there were satisfactory clinical improvements in all cases, macules disappearedy in months, and nodules flattened in months. Abalos; S-Franzblau; G. Only send your picture along with your stats and I will send mine. The incidence and magnitude of reactions and nerve damage was comparable and was easily controllable with routine anti-reaction treat-ment.


The drug combination was well tolerated with no disturbance of baseline laboratory functions. Cellona, Eduardo C.

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Villahermosa and Gerald P. Patients are still being followed-up every three 3 months for the last 2 years with no clinical evidence of relapse.

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After stopping MDT, there were both steady clinical improvement and steady decrease of the BI also decreased steadily approaching zero in the sixth year after stopping the medications. The use of combined bactericidal drugs should reduce the frequency of relapses, minimize the effects of lapses in therapy as well as shorten the duration of treatment.

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Sharma; M. The authors stressed the effectiveness of MDT in reducing and controlling the frequency and severity of lepra reactions and deformities. thus persojals indicate that Minocycline is very effective and the absence of ificant side effects suggest it can be safely used in the treatment of leprosy. A chnicopathological evaluation of new leprosy patients registered between I to revealed: 1. Jamet2; I.