Within this volume will be covered State specific, sorted by County, environmental and economic topics. Highlighted here are what needs to be protected, by whom, and with what resources. The geographic area covered by this plan is very diverse in nature and activity, requiring a general and adaptable approach. The scope of such a document should never be considered fulfilled or finite. The inclusions to this plan will continually be in a state of review and update.

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Fish and Wildlife Service lists the least tern Sterna antillarum as a federally endangered species Endangered Species Act, Flights of greater than 8 km are typically a response to changes in hydrology, temperature, depleted food resources, or other disturbances Arkqnsas4656 et al. Table 3a. Because of the high likelihood that these very small wetland habitat patches may be lost in the future by definitionand because of the intrinsic difficulty in monitoring their loss, we recommend that relatively small patches of wetland habitat in the LWRR be a high priority for future remote-sensing and field-based monitoring and conservation efforts.


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Dams III. Assessment of the presence of wetlands less than or equal to 2 ha within each of 68 federal refuge zones i. Road network in the White River Watershed.

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River areas provide areas for animals to feed, drink, and rest. White River Watershed percent of streams within 30 meters of a road. When naturally growing food items are scarce, black bears may alternatively feed on agricultural crops, such as orchard fruits or corn or at human-constructed food sources, such as centralized refuse disposal sites or at the residences of humans Harger, ; Bray, ; Rogers, ; Rogers et al.

Habitat vulnerability measures Table 3a within habitat patches for each taxa are based on patch size, patch shape, human-induced disturbances, and combinations of these metrics. Thus, the UVI was selected to model potential future land cover change in riparian wetland mallard duck winter habitat, in a portion of RZ 72 LWRRgiven a hypothetical decrease in the extent and duration of riparian wetland flooding.

Drinking Water Intakes II.

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Using the land cover types provided in the National Land Cover Dataset NLCD; Table 4several land cover metrics were developed to assess the vulnerability of surface water to pollution from various land cover types and configurations Aduult 3bincluding the proximity of land cover to surface water. Agricultural activities on steep slopes are a surface water quality impairment risk because of the increased likelihood of soil personls and loss to downhill areas and streams.

Scarcity of naturally growing foods for black bears has been positively correlated with occurrences of bear cannibalism Tietje et al.

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Within this volume will be covered State specific, sorted by County, environmental and economic topics. The purely 'human-induced disturbance' indexes i.

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The White River has never before undergone a landscape-scale ecological assessment of this kind despite the fact that it contains important and rare habitat, is one of the major tributaries to the Mississippi River, and contributes a large amount of nutrients to the Mississippi River and the Gulf of Mexico Presely et al. Least terns tend to inhabit ephemeral sandy shorelines year after year Burger, even if reproduction has declined in prior years at these locations Massey and Atwood, The timing of flooding, flood depth, and the duration of wetland flooding is a critical factor in determining the diversity and availability of organisms upon which mallard ducks feed Fredrickson, ; Heitmeyer and Fredrickson, ; Nichols et al.

Cross, and Donald W.

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These initial water quality vulnerabilityin combination with a map analysis of percent total agriculture, among HUCs Figure 36suggest that HUC and HUC are extremely vulnerable to water quality impairment as a result of agricultural activities in proximity to surface water, particularly within m of shorelines Figure There is a relatively greater risk of surface water quality impairment in 2 HUCs as a result of the presence of agriculture within the cumulative meter riparian zones.

The Cache River a tributary to the White River; Figure 1 and its wetlands have been deated as Ramsar Wetlands of International Importance Ramsar,along with 1, other wetlands around the world. Data used to calculate the percent of streams within thirty meters of a road. We chose mallard ducks as one of the modeled taxa for this atlas because they are abundant and ubiquitous, are dependent upon wetlands for most of the year, have well documented habitat requirements, require habitat that can be readily mapped using GIS data, and are a species that has recovered from ly lower s in the study area and throughout the Mississippi Flyway.

Peterjohn and Correll demonstrated that the negative correlation between the presence of natural vegetation in riparian zones and nutrient loading from agricultural land to streams is primarily a result of nutrient uptake in the root zone, and assimilation of these nutrients into vegetative plant parts. Information about the location of surface water in the WRW, including the location of streams, rivers, lakes, impoundments, and ditches Figure 28 was used in combination with information about the location of ro Figure 29 to determine the of streams within thirty meters of ro within the WRW Figure All the grace, the beauty, the poetry had gone out of the majestic river!

Lower White River Region reference image with selected towns indicated with blue arrows.

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Proposed water quality vulnerability metrics, based on a largest forest patch proportion of HUC, b mean area of forest patch, c largest forest patch area, d forest patch density, e forest patchand f percent of HUC that arjansas4656 forest by area. The positive correlation between wetland habitat area or the percent contribution of habitat area, with area of RZ indicates that larger refuges contain more adulh habitat than smaller refuges. What mallard habitat losses are likely to occur in the South Unit of the White River NWR, given current habitat vulnerability and a hypothetical decrease in flooding of river-adjacent riparian wetlands Figure 9a?

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Thus, RZ 8 is the largest federally owned parcel in the LWRR to have been recently and almost completely impacted by wetland fragmentation, loss, and human-induced disturbances Figure 9. Thus, the two important selection criteria for study areas in a landscape gradient assessment are a sufficient range of persona,s along each landscape gradient of interest within a study area, and a sufficient of sites to compare among reporting units Green, ; Karr and Chu, Accordingly, if index are held aside, wetland vulnerability to landscape-ecological degradation factors in RZ 72 and 8 is similar.

The other two subspecies of least terns, not modeled in this atlas, are the eastern least tern S. All natural land cover types in the NLCD i.

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That is, habitat vulnerability metrics are based on predicted habitat degradation as a result of patch destruction i. These 'edge patches' have no effect on the habitat suitability maps. The relative rarity of bare shoreline compared to other land cover types in the LWRR and MAVE eliminated the necessity for further division of habitat characteristics in this atlas, such as the proximity of breeding areas to foraging habitat.

How to interpret the habitat suitability, habitat vulnerability, and water quality vulnerability maps in this atlas.

Field-based water quality data at the thirty-eight NAWQA locations were personlas to validate some of the metrics described in this chapter, and were sampled from through in the Spring and Summer months U. Although many of the theoretical 'natural vegetation loss' risks of surface water quality impairment are important, we selected 'mean forest patch area', 'largest forest patch proportion of HUC', and 'percent forest' for validity testing, using the s NAWQA field data, because these metrics are easily measurable using existing GIS data sets.

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Addult unified vulnerability index Table 3a additively combines the unified patch index, direct human-induced disturbance metrics, and indirect human-induced disturbance metrics, so that the combined effects of patch size, patch shape, road metrics, and human population density metrics can be depicted simultaneously in the LWRR Figure arkamsas4656 and the MAVE Figure The human-induced disturbance factors related to the presence of ro in RZ 62 may be partially mitigated by the robustness of patch characteristics within this RZ, because all of the habitat size and shape metrics for RZ 62 are relatively high.

Measurements of land cover in proximity to surface water were calculated by intersecting a 'buffer zone' around each surface water body Figure 10 with each land cover metric Table 3b.

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