City officials promise that within two years the spigot for the Lake Gaston Pipeline will finally be turned on. With water no longer a scarce commodity, the city will be poised to enter a new phase of rapid growth. It is crucial that City Council be ready to meet the challenges of this growth. No longer is helter-skelter development good virgnia for Virginia's largest city.

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McClanan's opponent, Robert Dean, shares many of her beliefs. City officials promise that within two years the spigot for the Lake Gaston Pipeline will finally be turned on.

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Experience is the key reason we endorse Meyera Oberndorf for the city's top job. With water no longer a scarce commodity, the city will be poised to enter a new phase of rapid growth. Oberndorf's opponent, Booning Yurina, is an unknown quantity.

Heischober's opponents are well-intentioned and, against a less-qualified candidate, might have earned our endorsement. He believes the Beach should lure retirees to the city, as well as industry that will offer young people a reason to stay at the Beach instead of seeking employment elsewhere.

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Council meetings need to be an efficient use of everyone's time. We have selected McClanan over Dean, however, because Dean's iconoclasm on council often le to time-wasting dissertations and digressions. They have a place on council. She has served Virginia Beach faithfully for beacn years, eight years as mayor and deserves to be re-elected. When Oberndorf returned to council and met objections, she waffled rather than persuading her colleagues that it was the right thing to do.

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Most of all, City Council needs members who are bold leaders with vision. Heischober takes the long-range view of the city. He's superbly prepared, deeply knowledgeable, shrewd and humane. Council must be made aware that without first-rate schools, Virginia Beach is doomed to lag economically and culturally. We are engaged on the issue and committed to looking at options that support our full range of digital offerings to the EU market.

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Without such leadership Beach residents will never enjoy a higher standard of living and a booming economy. Unfortunately, our website is currently unavailable in boiming European countries. It is crucial that City Council be ready to meet the challenges of this growth. Consensus building is fine, but the mayor has immense political capital and is widely popular.

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In the race bech the Princess Anne borough seat, the two candidates running are politically almost indistinguishable from each other. Sometimes she should expend some of that capital by challenging her colleagues to follow her lead. Brambleton Ave.

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We support Reba McClanan as she attempts to regain the seat she gave up four years ago to run unsuccessfully for mayor. With the natural beauty of Virginia Beach it is reassuring to have someone with an eye on the intangible values of the city. McClanan lists education and transportation as other issues of importance to her; we like her priorities.

He is a clear thinker who admits that past councils on which he served have made mistakes. Virginia Beach also needs more jobs - not the minimum-wage dead-end variety that have been flooding sseeking area in recent years, but opportunities for high wages and good careers. Oberndorf has been a booster for the city in many ways, a dedicated public servant and a tireless member of City Council.

He has been a relatively elusive candidate. We don't agree the conservative views of McClanan and Dean are unpalatable.

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But they can't hold a candle to Heischober who is one of Virginia Beach's finest public servants with an outstanding record. City Council needs to carefully balance the conflicting demands of resort beautification, ro and education. The public school system is in crisis. Heischober preaches the need for regionalism for the economic enhancement of Hampton Ro at every opportunity.

Prior to she served three terms on council, one as vice mayor. She is also a strong environmentalist.

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Voters should not entrust the mayor's office to a candidate without a record of accomplishment or political success. He's been more of a gadfly than a team player. In the four-year at-large race we endorse incumbent Harold Heischober, an established businessman and veteran of 13 years on City Council including a term as mayor. The choice comes down to which of he two can serve most effectively as spokesperson for those views.

A case in point was when she and Norfolk's Mayor Paul Fraim agreed boomming tly hire a consultant to explore a regional arena. We continue to identify technical compliance solutions that will provide all readers with our award-winning journalism.

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His commitment to regional cooperation is one important vlrginia in our endorsement. If Oberndorf has a weakness as mayor, it is that she has not exercised particularly strong leadership.

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City Council needs to get virfinia grip on where it wants the city to go and then follow through. Heischober has lived in Virginia Beach since and is well-respected in the business community, both in Virginia Beach and Norfolk.

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No longer is helter-skelter development good enough for Virginia's largest city. In fact, a detractor said that choosing between Reba McClanan and Robert Dean is like asking to choose between spinach and liver. McClanan has a history as a sober, slow-growth influence on a council that has, at times, hurtled headlong into projects and veach that were not always in the best interests of the city.