Jump to Bradford prostitute murders: prostigute of Prostitufe worst serial killers The disclosure that Stephen Griffiths, a mature Bradford University crime student who was researching serial killers, is linked to the murders of up to six women on the streets once stalked by the Yorkshire Ripper could put him on a list of Britain's worst serial killers. Below is a list of the most high-profile killers. The 57 year-old abused his position to take the lives of mainly elderly women by giving them lethal doses of drugs. He was convicted in January and sentenced to life in prison. He was found hanging in his cell in Wakefield prison on Jan 13,

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He stored his victims' bodies — sometimes for months — in his London flat before hacking them up.

Photographer since Peter Sutcliffe: At least 13 The man dubbed the "Yorkshire Ripper" murdered at least 13 women, mainly prostitutes, over five years in the same streets where Stephen Griffiths is accused of murdering as well. InSutcliffe confessed to 13 killings after being stopped with a prostitute. EPUK member since The lovers, who buried the bodies on the moors near Manchester, were jailed for life in But Jack Straw, the then Justice Secretary, said there would be "no circumstances" in which he would be freed.

They buried many of their victims under the floorboards.

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He shoots for newspaper and corporate clients. All murder braeford was kept on paper cards which were difficult to cross-reference and they became distracted by "Wearside Jack" hoaxer John Humble. Rose was convicted of 10 murders, including that of her daughter, and sentenced to life. Judge Peter Benson said if they served their sentences in their home country, they should not then return to the UK.

I photographed eight sex workers over about a week in Bradford. The 63 year-old is now in Broadmoor Hospital. A shocking and touching story, it revealed the life of the girl and her tough time in near poverty with her condition.

More on this story. Police were criticised for letting him slip through their fingers.

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When she is short of money, which is most days, she would go to Sunbridge Road and work, prosgitute until 4am. Si Barber is a freelance photographer based in Norfolk. I had intended to do more but there seemed little point as this picture said it all for me. Colin Ireland: 5 Former soldier Ireland tortured and killed homosexual men he met in bars. Stephen Griffiths was jailed for life in December for the murders of three women in Bradford, including Ms Blamires.

Jailing the trio, Prsotitute Benson said bradfotd was his "express wish" that the Home Office should take steps to prevent their return to the UK after leaving through deportation or repatriation. He was caught after a plumbing company noticed human remains had blocked his drains.

Bradford prostitute

He confessed to all five murders. About sharing image captionOne of the gang's victims was Suzanne Blamires who was later murdered by Stephen Griffiths in Three members of a gang who targeted and raped prostitutes in Bradford have been jailed for 12 years. Mr Wood told the court the three defendants must have found out about Kora's arrest because they travelled to London and booked one-way bus tickets to Presou, Slovakia.

Bradford prostitute

Two days later Ms Blamires, then 34, was picked up by two men in the same vehicle and driven to a cul-de-sac in Bradford prostituts she was repeatedly assaulted and raped by the pair and three other gang members. Earlier this year, lawyers for Sutcliffe, who now uses the name Peter Coonan, attempted to establish a minimum tariff from the High Court, which could have seen the serial killer released on parole.

The flash was bounced off the car interior. While he has braxford linked to several other murders he has never been charged.

Bradford prostitute

Dennis Nilsen: Up to 15 The former Army cook and Civil servant picked up students and homeless men, strangling them or drowning them after sex. This excellent film should be on DVD so Network -who release many such titles shown on ITV- should release this true gem of a film and then they would be raking it in as this will be a big seller!

He was sentenced to a minimum of 16 years in jail. Kora was later convicted of involvement in a conspiracy to rape six prostitutes including Ms Blamires. They are intended to show what kerb-crawlers encounter before deciding to part with their cash. Rape conspiracy The trio, who ly lived in Daisy Hill Road, Bradford, fled the country in March after the gang's leader Lubomir Kora was arrested. He argued he killed during a state of diminished responsibility but was convicted of all the murders and sentenced to life.

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He is one of only 35 prisoners to have been given a whole life tariff by a Home Secretary. Most victims were prostitutes. Kora was arrested a few days later when police located his vehicle and they also seized a mobile phone containing images of one of the rapes. Steve Wright: 5 Wright, 51, was convicted in February of the murders of five prostitutes in Ipswich, earning him the nickname "the Suffolk Strangler". Hindley, her face immortalised in a police mug shot, died in His killing spree ended later that year when a CCTV camera caught him with his last victim.

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Following the forklift truck driver's conviction, Suffolk Police began a "cold case" review of unsolved murders and circulated his details around the world via Interpol, as criminal psychologists warned it was likely he had killed before. Now 64, he still remains in jail.

He was convicted in January and sentenced to life in prison. Fred West committed suicide awaiting trial for 12 murders in January Apart from the risk from violent punters, the women also face danger from groups of men who seek to rob them of their takings.

Bradford prostitute

The 57 year-old abused his position to take the lives of mainly elderly women by giving them lethal doses of drugs. Brady, now 71, is still being held at high-security Ashworth Hospital, Merseyside, where he has been on hunger strike for most of the past 10 years. As I was photographing her she said that some of the punters take pictures on their mobile phones whilst having sex with her so they can show their friends.

In January, the trio admitted involvement in the rape conspiracy in relation to the violent attacks on Ms Blamires and a second prostitute who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

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Bradford Crown Court heard a complex police inquiry, which included co-operation from authorities in Slovakia, eventually led to the three defendants being tracked down. Julie, sex worker, Bradford - Si Barber, 1 January This is one of a series of pictures of street prostitutes working in Bradford, Bfadford Yorkshire. The terrace house was later ripped down.

Bradford prostitute