Eugene claims to be a scientist with vital information to end the pandemic and needs to get to Washington D. Eugene convinces Abraham that they should with this group as they make their way to Terminus for supplies and more recruits.

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We combine economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility.

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In " Time for After ," Eugene confronts Dwight about his betrayal. Negan and the Saviors arrive and start taking supplies, including ammunition. The inexperienced Alexandrians Aiden and Nicholas create more problems, leading Tara to be injured. Eugene later realizes that Dwight is the traitor in the Sanctuary helping Rick's group.

Negan takes a liking to Eugene for this, as well as Eugene's willingness to submit to him, and makes him one of his lieutenants, giving him additional comforts and benefits " Hostiles and Calamities ". Abraham leaves and tells Eugene to find his own way home. A nervous Eugene inquires about the events that occurred at Alexandria, Negan questions his inquiry, asking if he cares despite Alexandria's actions against him since his defection, questioning Eugene's loyalty and sending him to his own outpost in a bullet factory to create ammunition for eugens.

Eugene is shown to have conflicted loyalties, drinking heavily and contemplating the seriously ill Gabriel's request to help rescue Doctor Carson. Eugene convinces Abraham that they should escots this group as they make their way to Terminus for supplies and more recruits. See also: The Walking Dead season 6 In the season premiere, " First Time Again ", Eugene is in the food pantry gathering food for himself when he overhears one Alexandrian, Carter, trying to convince Deanna's son Spencer, Tobin, Francine, and Olivia to help kill Rick and take back Alexandria from Rick as he believes they are becoming dangerous and power-hungry.

Shortly afterwards, Daryl and Tara crash a garbage truck into the Sanctuary flooding it with walkers. Eugene spots Abraham hiding behind oil barrels nearby and insists that they should kill him first.

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See also: The Walking Dead season 8 Eugene appears as one of Negan's lieutenants in " Mercy ," but is essentially ignored by Rick beyond a brief acknowledgment when Rick tries to negotiate with the lieutenants. Finally, Eugene decides to help Gabriel and Doctor Carson escape despite the likelihood that it will result in Gabriel's death due to his condition. Eugene continues to struggle with his conscience, resulting in Eugene drinking heavily and not sleeping.

Eugene helps with maintenance of the community, and goes with Glenn, Noah, Tara, Aiden, and Nicholas to get electronics supplies from a nearby warehouse. Eugene visits Sasha in captivity to try to convince her to Negan, but Sasha flatly refuses, and insists instead Eugene bring her a weapon to use against Negan. Enraged, Abraham punches him, knocking Eugene out " Self Help ".

However, the group becomes captives of the residents of Terminus when they arrive " A ".

Eugene disagrees with Simon's amoral plans for escape, backed up by Dwight. Later, Eugene uses his lock-picking skills to escape the room.

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Along with the rest of the Saviors, he is trapped in the Sanctuary by the herd the Militia lures there. Abraham finds a fire truck that allows them to continue, until they run into a section of road that is overwhelmed by hundreds of walkers blocking their path. Escogts is almost killed by Carter, but is saved as Rick, Michonne, and newcomer Morgan Jones walk in on them and disarm Carter.

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Eugene drops a glass jar which alerts Carter of his presence. After Gabriel is brought in as a prisoner, Eugene attempts to bring him food and discovers that Gabriel is deathly ill.

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Though Dwight admits to it, he insists that all Eugene needs to do is let things play out as Rick only wishes Negan dead and is trying to force everyone else to surrender. In " Dead or Alive Or " Eugene is questioned by Negan, disappointed that Eugene's efforts have not completely alleviated the issues at hand and that his two captives have chexp escaped undetected, unaware that Eugene was responsible.

At Alexandria, when Negan goes to open the vheap, a reanimated Sasha attacks him; Eugene realizes that Sasha had used the poison pill to commit suicide so she could attack Negan. Denise Cloyd, who is the new doctor after Pete's death. Though Gabriel requests that Eugene return with them where he will be welcomed back, Eugene refuses. He comes back later and secretly slips her a poison capsule "Something They Need".

Eugene eventually comes up with a plan to lure the walkers away using the music player he gave Sashabut is foiled by Dwight. Knowing that Negan plans to bring Sasha to Alexandria in a coffin in order to kill nroth in front of Rick's group as payback for the death of one of his men, Eugene finds a music player to give to Sasha during transit. Dwight manages to break free from Eugene, who is hit during the shootout.

At the Saviors' Sanctuary, Eugene claims he is a scientist and provides advice about dealing with walkers to Negan. See also: The Walking Dead season 5 Rick Grimes helps to save Eugene and the other captured group from Terminus " No Sanctuary " and continue to make their way north, taking shelter in the former church run by Father Gabriel " Strangers ".

Dwight demands that he, Daryl and Rosita take them back to Alexandria and if they do not oblige, he will kill them. In the mid-season premiere " Honor " in Carl's envisioned future, Eugene is tending noryh gardens in Alexandria and offers Judith a green apple. Eugene is furious after Abraham does not allow him to kill a walker and tells Abraham he no longer needs his protection and has outlived his usefulness to him. As a result, Eugene thanks Dwight for his help privately.

In " The Big Scary U ," Eugene acts as part of the council trying to decide how to deal with the siege.

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Abraham's group is ed by Tara, Glenn, and Maggie as they take one of the church buses to drive north. Eugene claims to be a scientist with vital information to end the pandemic and needs to get to Washington D. In " He Up ", Eugene is seen attending Rosita's lesson on how to use a machete, but seems very distracted by the noise of the walkers outside.

The Saviors trap the group and Negan kills one of them after a twisted variation of the game, Eeny, meeny, miny, moe. Back in Alexandria, while watching over Tara as she heals, Eugene and Abraham apologize to each other, and Eugene thanks Abraham for getting them to Alexandria " Conquer ".

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Once he nnorth, the group decides to return to re Rick's group, who had failed to save Beth after she had been kidnapped to Atlanta " Crossed ". In the mid-season finale, " Start to Finish ", Eugene is rescued by Tara and Rosita from the herd of walkers, seconds after hearing Daryl on the radio and letting out a cry of help.

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Through science and innovation we enable our customers in nearly every industry to meet the current and future needs of society. Negan prepares to have the Saviors kill Rosita, but Eugene steps forward and claims responsibility for making the bullet. After a day, Abraham believes they must continue on, but Rick wants to wait for Daryl and Carol who had gone looking for Beth.

Eugene states that he didn't morth anything. Carter approaches Eugene and says that he heard the plan before aiming his gun at Eugene. Sasha and Rosita secretly arrive to try to kill Negan and rescue Eugene, but Eugene refuses to leave, and as a result, Sasha is captured "Something They Need".