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Whereas, in both the original Heaven gksport, thus far, in Heaven 2, the wind instruments had been integral, they now became a superstructure, bolted on to the songs and a bit unwieldy, a bit top heavy. Another trip to Germany, and this time with Nobby working out his notice period — we me, Barry and Terry had fired him before the tour, but asked him to do the German gigs, as we had failed to find a replacement.

I had started to get a liking and a feel for music where the bass would lay back and let the song gsport the story, instead of grinding out gymnastic riffs.

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So that was my contribution to 60's local bands. Have to admit Soon after that, Barry left Mushroom and we started Paper, recruiting Kenny Durow, who had played with Steamhammer, on drums.

I worked out my notice with Heaven — in Cherrh — and that was that. With the exception of Adrian Newlyn who had a guitar and Terry Threadingham who wanted to play the drums. I know that, at my last gig with them I did make the comment that if we all stuck together none of this would be happening.

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Ricky Martin was with us, and, on the ferry back, he told us that it would only be a matter of time before he was out on his ear. Dave Knight I'll keep it short and sweet. It was big and a bit lacking in atmosphere, gosporf we were relative novices.

Esdorts band split inand Barry ed Coconut Mushroom. We took it in turns - except for Dave Gautrey, who drove — riding either in the relative comfort of the cab, or in the back with the gear. Pete Daynes was the drummer. Irish Club Elm Grove Steve left to get married and was replaced by Richard Geehan around????

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Decided to form a band. Reg Isadore was on drums, and he went on to play with Robin Trower among many others.

During our forays out into the big world of entertainment, we used to visit the 'Indigo Vat' a club in the basement of one of the buildings in Hampshire Terrace. Dave was going to stay goslort as sound engineer.

London calling was calling. Malcolm Nobby Glover was not your average band drummer. Gary wanted to form a band, and he offered me the bass chair.

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Pete Daynes liked girls and drumming We would make a million-selling album and have more money than we could spend in a lifetime. I'm not sure what guitar the Bassist had. Soon after, we took a ferry to the Isle of Wight, to the house where Rikki and the Foulkes were organising the festival, and there we ed with Rikki Farr.

Certainly, despite the two of them ing an agreement, it didn't take long for Rikki to get rid of Ricky - as Ricky predicted. I wrote this because my son had found some tracks from the album on the web, and, unusually for him, was not totally dismissive of them. We called ourselves 'The Riverside Blues Band' and did very few gigs.

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From Ray King Not quite as I remember it but mostly right. They gave us our 'big break' into paid gigs around clubs locally and eventually all over England. Derek was younger than the rest of us, and quite shy, for which he got mercilessly ragged. They were great fun on the road, and they were guys we could learn from, but it now seemed like there was Terry, Eddie, Nobby and me, plus Dave although he was starting to seem more a part of the management than the band, which was fair enough and horn section who were there on a paid-to-play basis.

It was either in or early that the agency suggested that we add a singer - Terry Scott. When Mushroom's bass player broke his leg, I stood in for a while.

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We played a mixture of the standard three-piece stuff - 'Crossro', 'Born To Be Wild' - and some off the wall re-arrangements, like Leonard Cohen's 'Suzanne'. We froze in winter and roasted in summer.

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In fact I've got a reel to reel tape, and player, with us practising slow Blues yup, boring. Myself I got nothing to eat! I managed to persuade him that we had to get a band together.

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Dave was still with him, and they eventually moved to the USA, where I believe they have been successful. We had new instruments and amplifiers — trading in our old ones, not necessarily a good thing — and then Rikki saw and heard a Kelsey and Morris PA. He ed, and we got on well, but it was only a short time afterwards that we were approached to a re-jigged Heaven.

My guitar is some old scratch built jobby, with no name or indication of make. I played with various bands and artists untilwhen I quit playing professionally. I could see his point — I had similar misgivings. Black Cat Disco Portsmouth.

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He wanted to get to London.