She meditates on the inequities of life: "You can't gamble in this state. It's legal to do this [porn], but you can't have dogs in it, for one thing.

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We used to have a lot more then this.

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The beautiful all natural triple X star has made over one hundred movies. And then after 10 years I'd like to be on my ranch, and back in the mountains growing my crops, and livestock and everything. I told her, I've dated girls who've had their breasts done before, you're going to have a lot of swelling. Do you go clubbing, do you stay at home? I was very hurt by cheydnne. She got a check from Vivid every month for 5 grand and didnt have a dime. If she does have a drug problem, I hope she's getting help for it.

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For about two months, we didn't see each other. But she wasn't forced to do it. I already see s in this little girl that show that she's headed for trouble, and so the cycle continues.

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Dont you think that is counter productive for VIVIDS image of glamourous girls-with or without a stinky pussy or having a gun to their he to get fake tits??? Who cares?

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I haven't met any weirdos in this business. I think her heart turned to stone a long time ago and the only passion and true feelings she can have are between her si,ver. She doesn't have a clue what a man like that is worth; she really is "dumb as dirt". I will not reflect on the the bad in her for I loved her very much; why stain the memory of riding escprt with her over the trails and forest, our bodies touching and moving with Natures mood through the pines knowing this is what life is about; this is love.

She believed that I took her vehicle. She also loves sex. Cheenne says: Cheyenje, I and my peers can't stand them because you can never seem to get a straight answer out of them to a tough question. I can't image how they could've done a better job. C: The horses, dirt bikes, hiking, four-by-fouring. Currently she is a very unstable person and therefore she plays total head games with the people in her life.

I most definitely will not be a part of some campaign to sling mud against Cheyenne, Vivid, or their employees. Since I'm a legit actor I didn't return to film the show, using the "I'm sick" excuse, so I'm not sure how "mainstream" this show is.

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I don't know why. I would much rather remember the beautiful Cheyenne than a troubled girl with a bad reputation and questionable personal habits. But it is not my position to affront those who esxort know or have worked with Cheyenne.

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She constantly lied to him about other guys and cheyennf she was doing which supposidly involved a lot of money, but NO sex. Cheyenne: "I never had before, until they brought me into their lives. PND: What about people who think that porn degrades women? I've put up with a lot of stuff and gone and shot what I need to do. On Cheyenne's myspace under her schools section she lists herself as a graduate of Palomar College with a major in "woodworking". PND: So you were a little wild before you got into the biz?

PND: What do you do in your spare time? She does feel abandoned. I certainly didn't fight back; Cheuenne not a violent person with women. C: A friend of mine had worked for them as an extra on occasion and when I first got in the industry he introduced me to them. Don't be upset because they're going to be a lot bigger than they would be normally.

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He was quiet. Cgeyenne appreciate the nice words by some of your readers but assert that I'm nothing more than someone who cares; and try not to focus on the negatives. And she never saw a dime from any of the revenues from the site.

I told her to take those pictures down. I am slightly biased on that subject, as I am someone who knew them personally as a couple, as well as chryenne. If I can give one word of advice to your readers it is to "learn to love" everyone around you. He is supposed to be playing my Harley riding crazy boyfriend.

It's too hard on her. One thing that was really nice I know that she's going through some difficult times related to family members health issues. I'm getting all the same information that you're getting and I am just sitting back and going, 'My God.

I said, 'You better be careful with this guy. It should be legal.

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I have been contacted in the last few days by many who want more information; I am well informed and know what problems exist but I would opt to refrain from publicly ridiculing anyone; their own actions are the rewards they must shoulder. Throughout their relationship Cheyenne trashed him over and over, playing his heart strings like a violin.

It seems the interview stirred the "pot" quite a bit. Her scrapbooks and things.