She moved to California at the age of sixteen to pursue her music career.

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The show operates under the premise that along with entertainment value, the show is important because it acts as an example of positive young Latina role models in starring roles on television. The years where they have been part of the campaign are marked in gray.

The campaign was launched for the first time in and has chicaas then been renewed every year. Chicas Polar by year[ edit ] The following table shows the models who have been part of the campaigns, alphabetically organized by last name.

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I think the show gives Latinas a chance to see themselves in a starring role on television. Sincethe girls are called "Chicas Mode, "Pilsen Girls". Keeping with the mission of mun2no matter what they do, the chicas always try to keep themselves and their identity rooted in their Hispanic culture.

The billboards alongside chicxs highways in Caracas and other places in the country are very popular, [1] as well as the calendars with pictures shot in landscapes as Choroni Beach or rivers from la Gran Sabana. She moved to California at the age of sixteen to pursue her music career. She was expelled from two schools and emancipated from her parents by the age of 15, Barrera is now a rockera from Los Angeles who hosts The mun2 Shift: Late Night, also on mun2.

Chicas model

Project[ edit ] Each 2 weeks the girls are sent out on adventures where they learn mldel skills like how to surfhost events, or perform outrageous stunts like skydiving. Jump to Jump to search The name Chicas Polar "Polar Girls" refers to the models who have worked as image in the advertising campaign by Empresas Polar to promote one of their products in Venezuela : Polar Pilsen beer.