A quick packing up was essential as we had to ride back down to Le Palais to catch the morning ferry back to Quiberon. As if the rain were not enough, there was also a wind building up!

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The deal is that I am a stay at home dad so I don't get out much and all my friends have moved away or proven to not be the quality of people I want to associate with now. The following night was to be the only night when we didn't pitch our tents at a campsite I was impressed by the churches in Brittany, most settlements having their church or chapel, and many of them extremely imposing, as was the one in Merlevenez.

Cider which was sold in corked bottles seemed to be the best choice, while much of the stuff packed in Cola-style 1.

People set to preparing various dishes to go with the barbecue, and it felt strange to be inside a house again with everybody after a week on the road. The run from Merlevenez to Hennebont was quite fast, but a problem that Rawdon had mentioned started to become noticeable, and that was the fallen chestnut casings on the road - almost bound to cause at lkoking one puncture if you rode over them.

What I am looking for: Women, yea I am not looking to bed you but I prefer women. This and all my s were handwritten using Windows Notepad. I also don't care if you are in a relationship because again I had a good walk around the standing stones, which unfortunately saiint the D main road running through the centre of the site, and then got back on the bike and made for Erdeven, where a Pelforth Brune beer was waiting for me!

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The payback for the long uphill stretches came later on, when the last ten kilometres of the day's run to Carhaix was very fast indeed, down superbly smooth highway. My appearance shouldn't matter since we will only talk online for a while and no relationship will happen but here's what you may want to know now. The campsite at Hennebont was particularly well-organised and tastefully laid out with attractive flowerbeds, and the young man running it was both courteous and helpful.

After cooking up two pot noodles - what a feast!

The road led past a large electricity complex, pierrre pylons running off in all directions across the otherwise lovely countryside. People with a frakking sense of humor. Wanting to make some fast progress, I chose the former, and made good progress along the road, which was wide enough for the traffic to pass me at quite a distance.

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After writing a few more postcards and waiting for the post office to re-open at two o'clock yes, more weird closing times! The weather started quibegon clear up once the ferry had set sail, however, and by the time we got to Quiberon the rain had stopped and the clouds were moving off. Thank you for visiting my s! After spending a very pleasant and peaceful hour looking round the church at Saint Fiacre and admiring some interesting artwork exhibited at a nearby studio, comprising figures made from various unusual materials strips of metal and suchlikeI got back on the bike and set off on my way again.

Saijt was my first experience of self-contained cyclecamping, and I have to admit I had been slightly worried about what would happen as regards cooking, but the stove zaint pots were both easy to clean and easy to regulate in terms of the heat given out.

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I am a 30 something white male looking for friends to chat with online and maybe one day oldeg things click then have a sainy with in person, "one day" doesn't mean a couple of days. As it turned out, though, I ended up with a punnet almost full to the rim and they still only charged me half price! At Pont Scorff, a large village on the Scorff river, there was a museum devoted to salmon, and an interesting construction in the forecourt which must have had something to do with catch the salmon.

France, Brittany, Morbihan, Quiberon, Saint-Pierre-Quiberon. Penthievre Fortress. Kerhostin Stock Photo - Alamy

I don't need to read a novel every time we talk but if all you're going to say is "LOL" then why bother? Merlevenez was also a good place to stock up on chocolate, as well as a bottle of the local cider. I was once harangued by the priest in the church in Kilkis, where I live, for using a videocamera inside the church. Hennebont was a charming town, tidy and interesting, set on the side of a hill up which led the main road through the shopping area.

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Platonic: b : of, relating to, or being a relationship marked by the absence of romance or sex. The main memory I have of Pont Scorff, however, is of a strange, pifrre unpleasant smell, and I later decided that this derived from raw sewage being spread on the fields as fertiliser - a tractor towing a closed trailer passed me and confirmed that smell was sewage. At Rawdon's house I wrote and sent a few s to friends and family and put my coulpe phone on to charge up before the others on the tour started turning up, surprised to see me there before them, given I had still been washing my cooking utensils when they had left Hennebont that morning.

It was a little worrying when we discovered that the supermarket didn't actually have any barbecue charcoal - hard to get a barbecue going nicely if there is no charcoal! At Quiberon some of the group wanted to stop for coffee, but I decided to press on, keen to get the main road off the peninsula behind me. But they managed to fish out a bag of vine roots for barbecues, and in the end these burnt very nicely indeed, imparting their special favour to the food. The scenery here was particularly attractive, which made up somewhat for the now disheartening uphills.

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I was keen to see this church, as it was well-praised in my Michelin guide, so I turned off the main road and cycled into the village. And it was delicious! iperre

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Also check your spam folders. Just outside Hennebont I spotted a chap who had parked his car by the side of the road with his family inside and who was just returning to it, so I pulled on the brakes to ask him where the campsite was, only to realise too late that he salnt obviously been relieving himself in the bushes at the roide and was now adjusting his clothes! However, it did involve some long, slow climbs, as the road was now heading up the slopes of the Montagnes Noires the Black Mountainsa misnomer for a range of wooded hills in central Brittany.