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I am concerned that the strategy may not go far enough or fast enough. I thought that I would tell you that there are over people registered to listen and there are 62 that's in addition to the here to make statements. If it doesn't, I'll just try to project. That's the right way of doing things. By doing that, they are going to have an opportunity to basically get a one-time opportunity to have a mistake. My bill does not call for one size fits all. Ptostitution bill basically would require that larger animal feeding operations over a certainanimal units, would have to develop nutrient management plans under a set of national standards, and then would provide cost share payments to smaller operations to follow those same standards.

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The listening session will also be transcribed and posted on the USDA and EPA Internet home s oowa this will be available within about a week of this session. As we get your comments, develop a final strategy, and begin implementation, we need to have some yardstick measuring our success. One of the things I also want to talk about is perhaps even federal tax credits for manure management equipment. The last point I'll make, and I think iow is really crucial, this strategy is not a rewrite of the Clean Water Act.

This is an important enough issue for them to be here and I really hope you take advantage of that and get your comments in on time. Jeff shortened that one up quite a bit. We also established a national performance expectation as to how those people could reach that goal. First of all, I will apologize because I do know that some folks here were hoping that their testimony ,oines automatically be officially in the Federal Register, and when we tried to set up these meetings, one of the problems with picking ten cities across the nation is dfs you just can't guarantee fair and equal access to all citizenry.

But I have to emphasize here on this slide in regard to voluntary programs, although we are going to encourage in this strategy all animal feeding operations to have comprehensive nutrient management plans, those that are not regulated, those moinez are participating voluntarily, are going to be strongly encouraged but not required to have comprehensive nutrient management plans. When corporations own the animals, they should also be responsible for the waste, including dead animals.

So we really feel that locally-led conservation is a crucial part of any voluntary program, including any programs that deal with animal feeding operations. And you're going to get a very good presentation as to what this strategy is all about. I want to thank all of you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the Administration's Draft National Strategy for Animal Feeding Operations. We also recognize that there's a need to have a better understanding of things like air transport of nutrients, and we will talk about some research priorities and we need to gather a little better information on some of these things.

So basically what we've done is we established the entire section that deals with land application. We need to ensure that the basic capacity, the financial and technical assistance, training, and education is available both from the public and the private sector. I just came here from Atlanta yesterday, and the always capable staff at EPA, when it prepares these nice talking points for me, whenever I go anyplace on the road, but sometimes when you are traveling a lot, you don't get a chance to look at them until shortly before you deliver the remarks, which always reminds me of something that I heard a writer say about Dwight Eisenhower once, which was he always read his speeches with a great sense of discovery.

Fair competition on the basis of quality and productivity and efficiency is one thing.

He is the branch chief for water quality industrial permits. Joe is from NRCS. We had a lot of difficulty in putting the strategy together. Three weeks ago a gun shot was fired in my direction as I walked through my yard.

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What I'll do is call three names, and I would ask the three people to come up here and stand or work your way up here so that we won't waste a lot of time between speakers, and after the three, I'll call a name and you can come up and the two. In order to help us do that, we need some other things within the strategy of the strategic issue to help accelerate that. And are they the right actions that will get us there? When you look at this section of the strategy, you'll see our ideas for how to promote industry leadership.

So it covers the gamut from poultry, hogs, cattle, fed cattle, dairy cattle, everything. We'll talk about what we envision as the priorities of how to use that regulatory program in a moment. For each issue we provide a brief discussion. What we found is that people want to have decisions in arae to their resources at the local level. We know that these comments will help inform the process of finalizing the draft. At the same time in Section 4.

We want to prostitutiom sure that we expend efforts on those animal feeding operations that pose the greatest risk to the environment.

We are asking you to hold your comments to three minutes, to focus on the issue. Those types of land conservation practices should be part of a comprehensive nutrient management plan. But it's not just hogs. We also need to coordinate certain aspects in regards to animal feeding operations, and especially research and technology and technical innovation, assistance with compliance, and technology transfers. I just want to say ioaa couple of things before moinew go on with the program.

I think it's a good strategy and good start. What is the issue? I might also just state at the outset here, we'll get some questions about it perhaps. For those facilities required to have a permit, we are suggesting that a comprehensive nutrient management plan would be a requirement of the Clean Water Act permits, that the permit would very clearly lay out the elements of a nutrient management plan, when it would have to be developed and how it would have to be implemented.

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One of the big benefits of these sessions is to see how different producers and others interpret these words, what kinds of technical questions are there, and so we prosttitution that we'll have a rich discussion in this connection. There's been a lot of consolidation.

And even though we call it a nutrient management plan, as Jeff mentioned and as other people may have mentioned, pathogens are also a concern, especially in some of the prostitutin states. There he is.

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LAPE: I mentioned early on in Section 4 that we talked about, the vast majority of operations to develop comprehensive nutrient management plans are voluntary ones. Now, I bulked up really as much as I could last ded on turkey and everything, but I would sure appreciate it if you would keep to the three minutes. To develop a plan and ask people to do implementation, you need iiowa keep records as to just exactly what's happening. What we found in the ag census was that there was aboutof these around the country.

That may be a good way also of promoting other management utilization options where they are needed, where moijes may simply be too much manure for the available land.

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