The Quest for Spiritual Orgasm Daoist and Tantric Sexual Cultivation in the West by Michael Winn By abstaining from intercourse, the spirit has no opportunity for expansiveness, yin and yang are blocked and cut off from one another. Over the past two thousand years, certain Daoist and Tantric cultures sought to tap the power of sexuality to cultivate elevated spiritual states of awareness and achieve immortality. These practices appear to have originated in China and India and later spread to Tibet and elsewhere in Asia. Daoism and Tantrism are both experiential approaches to life, and share similar microcosmic-macrocosmic theories of the human body as an inner mirror of outer Nature. The body-centered cosmology of each has led to a spectrum of sexual practices that range from ritualized physical sexual intercourse to celibacy accompanied by conscious subtle-body love making.

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The experience of one's androgynous bi-sexed subtle body offers a transitional connectiin in both Daoist and Tantric esoteric traditions. By simply keeping an open heart you protect against blind lust, which ultimately injures the kidneys because it can never be satisfied by physical sex alone. The few cases with side effects usually already had an extreme imbalance, they did not have a teacher, did not learn the other methods to open energy channels first, or used too much force.

This is the doorway to pre-natal jing, from which all embodiment effortlessly emanates. I had no guru or formal initiation, my only teacher was a book, yet I found myself celibate, on the Tantric path, and questing for a repeat spiritual sekeing. My goal is to show how Western sexual needs have shaped the teachers and teachings of Daoist and Tantric sexual practices in the West.

If we imagine that planet earth has a single global seeling, I suspect these ancient teachings would have surfaced any place where sexual freedom was exploding.

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Studies Referenced: Ortigue, S. Unlike Rajneesh's promotion of Tantra in the West, there was a deliberate attempt to de-sensationalize these Daoist sexual practices. I did Rajneesh's Dynamic Meditation to arouse the kundalini, but it didn't work for me, and Connectipn didn't like the "group grope" feeling of the people there. When learning a new subtle body practice, it is often best to avoid sex as a distraction, but it may be d once the subtle body practice is stable. I grabbed Rajneesh's Book of Secrets, his compilation of a hundred different Tantric methods.

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But Californians wanted both quick sex and quick enlightenment, the latter being one promise of Tantra, and so market demand attracted the teacher supply to satisfy it. As Dr.

Doctor seeking partner for a tantric connection

Sexual kung-fu could unleash suppressed feelings in people that had no model for integrating them, and hence they "went crazy" from what are called "qi deviations" by qigong professionals. I decided to give up meat, drugs, and sex, the latter decision particularly shocking to me as at that time I was prone to having three girlfriends at once. There may be other systems of Kriya Yoga with different attitudes about sex. Jung expanded this greatly with his explorations into eastern mysticism, writing introductions to both Tantric and Daoist esoteric texts.

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tamtric I was forced to resort to interviewing Joyce and dozens of Chia's Western female students to evaluate the effectiveness of the Daoist female sexual practices because there was no pool of qualified Chinese Daoist female practitioners available. Doctir, Daoist Female Sexual Practices in the West Teaching Daoist female sexual practices to Western women who ocnnection equality of the sexes and wanted to use these practices to improve their personal relationships presented a special challenge.

This kind of internal biological psycho-dynamics is currently opening for Western students the field of Daoist depth psychology. All the acharyas novitiates and Western swamis had to take strict vows of celibacy. My conversion of sexual energy into blissful subtle energy must have been unbalanced, as it eventually led to a weakening of my physical body.

Douglas made the first film on Tantra in English, financed by Mick Jagger -- a clear statement of alignment between Tantra and rock music subcultures. This shift in my practice led to my writing collaboration partenr Chia, which over time produced seven books on qigong and neigong "inner skill". Emotions are complicated and not always easy to understand. The conversation Saturday was the latest step in an unprecedented effort by a sitting president to pressure a state official to reverse the outcome of a free and fair election that he lost.

It is not surprising that their ideas came into widespread popularity in the West during a period of widespread cultural rebellion in the 's with mind expanding drugs, pelvic-undulating rock music, and a pill-provoked Free Love movement, all deed to topple Establishment values. We were both suddenly overtaken by a powerful energy field with extremely intense and unusual vibrations.

He offered Westerners exactly what they wanted: freedom from guilt about sex, the promise of enlightenment, and a smorgasboard of workshops led by followers that allowed them to explore and patrner their eclectic mix of Eastern and Western methods. One of the main ways Chia connwction his kidney jing was a method of semen retention and recirculation of sexual energy jingqi in the Microcosmic Orbit xiao aa.

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The emphasis in China is on fitting in, not making trouble, but certainly not on personal self-improvement. Then this physical ejaculation does not cause major loss of jing, as the essence is already extracted. Daoism and Tantrism are both experiential approaches to life, and share similar microcosmic-macrocosmic theories of doctog human body as an inner mirror of outer Nature.

Doctor seeking partner for a tantric connection

It is difficult to separate from someone else because a part of their foctor is actually living inside your body, and vice versa. The lure of a more effortless practice wu wei attuned to nature, the grounding embrace of the feminine through qigong and in the Water and Fire subtle body practices, and a poetic yet scientific approach to spiritual development were the attractions.

Doctor seeking partner for a tantric connection

Baba's private deity is Kali, the paramount Tantric goddess, who he claims has intervened to allow him an extremely long life age 96 at this writing in Participants are usually guided to take the sexual energy up the chakras in the spine, doctir may have little or no prior training in meditation or in stabilizing internal states of consciousness with mantra, yantra, internally created alchemical symbols or visualizations, or mudras, the hallmarks of traditional Hindu Tantrism.

Dominion voting and EMBs [electoral management bodies] that rely on them do not deserve this. Skubella, relationship expert and tantra coach with Earth Tantratells Bustle, "Physical touch, sexual and heartfelt connection increases these levels. Without jing, spirit shen would not be able to embody its virtues or have direct sensory experience of physicality.

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That means the impact of the restrictions should be evident in the daily statistics next week. This subsequently led to my shift to Daoist inner sexual alchemy practices.

But the bottom line is that the subtle body heaven-earth axis cannot fully cknnection if the horizontal male-female axis has not first been made conscious and its impulses harmonized. We had sat naked for a few minutes, facing each other in a cross legged meditation position to tune in. These head centered third eye and crown practices are typical of "fire" school methods for achieving rapid enlightenment, which often suppress physical body urges to achieve this expanded head-enlightened state.

Men become obsessed with pornography for the same reason: they are having astral sex with their own projected fantasy in the low astral plane, the subtle body closest to the physical.

Doctor seeking partner for a tantric connection