Wesley C. Thompson during his military service. Photo courtesy of Princeton Union-Eagle. Remembering Wesley C.

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Burial will take place at a later time in Oak Hill Cemetery less than a mile from where he was born on the Thompson family farm. By helping to lead the challenge of building a digital Britain. BBC Worldwide and BBC Ventures are both full of talent and they've already built enormous value thompskn the public: how can they build more?

We want a group of journalists feesh the BBC who collaborate and learn from each other more than they do at present. How does the licence payer benefit from a particular programme being supplied from within the BBC as opposed to from an indie? Third, we're going to re-organise the editorial leadership and management of journalism in the BBC. His ship crossed the Atlantic Ocean 12 times as it escorted troop ships and went after German subs.

Tomorrow you get the Neil Report, next week the big vision. What commercial activities should the BBC undertake given its long-term strategy? What they mean is that we're going to have to change the BBC more rapidly and radically over the next three to five years than at any point in its history.

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I intend to launch a pan-BBC programme within the next few weeks to achieve exactly that. Those values may sound like apple pie, but they thompsson the foundation of everything we do. Mark's duties as Deputy Director-General won't begin and end with journalism, of course.

We've got a real fight on our hands in Charter Renewal - we have a lloking strong case, but you can be sure that the BBC's critics will also be out there in force. Regional Strategy At the same time, we're also going to get to the bottom of the BBC's regional strategy. After growing up on the family farm he enlisted in the Navy in When I look ror this part of the BBC today, coming back with mqte eyes, what I see most of all is economic and creative potential.

Talking to some people at the BBC you get the sense that they think they've done change, in fact they've had a skinful of it, thank you very much - projects, working parties, initiatives, out-sourcing, new ways of working, you name it.

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So a BBC which is big in terms of services is essential. On matters of creative strategy and performance, the Creative Board will report directly to the Board of Governors. But again we should apply the test of public value. Let's turn next to the BBC's commercial and financial operations. Every bit of the licence fee has been allocated to the end of the current Charter - and this year the BBC is spending more than its income.

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Going forward, we face enormous fresh calls on investment - not least some of those exciting ideas in loooing Charter vision, especially the BBC's role in helping to build digital Britain. I guess many of you will have realised already that the period of buoyancy and rapid growth is over. The Governors rejected that idea and rightly so. There's a new leadership team in place.

HAVING just completed Route 66, England hooker Steve Thompson is gearing up for another major journey as he returns to the Aviva Premiership with Leeds Carnegie. Paola stunner asian

Well why not a bigger licence thomlson, you might ask? A fresh sense of confidence and growth: bigger budgets, bigger ambitions, some amazing new buildings. I admired the flatness and breadth of the Executive Committee which Greg created, but I - and I have to say most other people I've talked to inside the BBC - believe that it was a bit too big and amorphous to be really effective. Information on recall response ALDI values your safety While ALDI lookung committed to providing only the best quality at the lowest prices, our top priority is the safety of you and your family.

That's planned, but nonetheless it's something to keep an eye on. Given the financial realities, in the immediate run-up to the Charter Review debate, and with relatively modest settlements in the rest of the broadcasting sector, it would be little short of suicidal to countenance an out-of-line pay increase this year. This review will also involve people from throughout the BBC as well as external stakeholders and it will address all the big questions.

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Now I know some people may be pretty unsettled when they hear about this. Over recent months, the senior team at the BBC and its Governors have done a brilliant job in shaping a clear and confident view of its future.

The power of marketing especially cross-media, Freeview, Making it Happen. We will present the conclusions of ror review to the Governors, this time in the Autumn.

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From the inside the BBC can feel like a very fragile thing. Thompson, 94, of Princeton, Minnesota, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, Navy veteran, hunter, trapper, farmer, wildlife conservationist, federal game warden and aide to the handicapped, died Dec.

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Only the BBC can assemble this amount of talent under one roof, where they can meet, collaborate, spark ideas off each other. I think it's been hard in an Executive Committee of 16 or 17 people and fir a vast agenda for these businesses to get the time and the focus they need. It also emphasises the One BBC idea of discussing and doing things together.

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Thomppson some realities But achieving this vision - and convincing the world that we really intend to achieve it - is going to mean confronting some new questions. I've also asked John to lead a review of all the BBC's commercial activities.

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It will be the test we apply to all the questions we face going forward - not just questions about the BBC's services, but also about its shape and structure. First, this week we're going to publish and implement the Neil report.

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It's been good to see current affairs reviving on television, the extraordinary range and texture of provision on radio, whether local, national, UK or global, the coming-of-age of our online and interactive news services. Recalls November 13, I don't see how you can say you're in overall charge of the BBC but somehow claim that you're not responsible for what actually appears on its air-waves. It didn't play an effective role in the Hutton saga, even though there was a lot of experience around the table.

Something else we must do is take a fresh look at value-for-money and costs. Conclusion In summary then: the BBC has had a traumatic few months. Where the market and what the big players do - and this includes the BBC - affects everything: your programme budget, your ability to employ people, your chance to reach new audiences or defend existing ones.

Thank you.

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I'm really looking forward to working with you all again. And it's exactly what I intend to do. He and his crews built ro, dikes, trails and observation platforms.

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And they all knew that this time round complacency and smugness wouldn't cut it - there had to be a willingness to confront the need for change and to take some of the criticisms made about the BBC seriously.