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By adminJune 16, in General discussion.

I realize that austerity is hard. And i realize that we demanded much from the people of greece. I also realize that we frum did not show some heart and acted very cold. Thats a point i must also critisize on. greece fuck forum

greece fuck forum We have almost no economic contacts. A leader should always have gay experiment best for his people in mind. Seeing this makes me wonder what his goals are.

Home of the Greece Sport Climbing Guidebook: discover climbing in Leonidio, Kyparissi, Nafplio, Frygani, Zobolo, Kalogria and other crags in Fuck the Police. , Athens, Greece, Exarcheia Artist unknonwn. Antifa: From Berlin to Greece, fuck the police. , Athens, Greece, Exarcheia. Artist unknonwn. Done . I will throw a data sheet about Athens Greece where I reside: They do not introduce their girlfriends to fuck them but some of them are willing.

He promised the people the banks would reopne today. They are not. Someone here said greece fuck forum have no heart. And i know many think we germans are cold But thats not true. Seeing this does not just pass me. Tsipras uses this people greecr hostages for his criminal politics.

Nobody denied that austerity is hard and a burden. But never ever something like this happened under the austerity program. What we greece fuck forum here is a european nation falling on 3rd world level. Greece may be a beautifull country but her people are 3 hairs away from being Baboons.

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Greedy, uncultured, lazy, arrogant, egotistic whiners. That's how Greeks are and I say that as someone who knows Greece and the Greeks inside and.

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Until yesterday they were gloating at the misfortunes of the Macedonians, the Bulgarians and the Romanians now they are asking for compasion and solidarity. Europe should hurry up and kick them Greeks firum the curb. Manfred Weber did greece fuck forum great job outlining the cultural incompatibilities greee Greeks and Europeans:.

You come to a Greek forum and attack the greek people at these very difficult times, and you think we are just going to roll over and play nice? Respect is earned, so get to work. What is this? Did he sleep in greece fuck forum "suit"?

He looks like the janitor. He represents his nation. Why does he wear such rotten clothes in the high house? Because cheap symbolism.

And thats what angers me. His people are grece poverty and greece fuck forum into chaos and he thinks it would help when he uses greece fuck forum symbolism but no efforts at all. His father was a General and he went to school in Eton.

Together with the spawns of the English Aristo and Global Cleptocracy. Now he plays the "Man of the People". Germany demands the grexit.

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There is simply no trust left. Not this forum, that greece fuck forum. Is it so hard to understand the other side? Greece, greece, greece. Evry effort on this country is wasted.

It is unable to reform. Momey we could invest in our streets and infrastructure. We waste eneegy, money and time for some country that did never anything greece fuck forum us.

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Greece fuck forum hear all this bullshit since 5 years. Here are some questions for you: Are you leeches out of money yet? How many Billions do you need to keep the party going for another year? What makes you think you can spend more than you earn?

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You people are disgusting. All I have to say freece Political decissions done from leftist governments longe ago. But the mistakes of the baby supahead should not determine the future.

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I can understand that for some reasons you hate Greece. Ok, It is obvious. But, try to justify your answers with theories and examples.

Reading your posts, the only japanese singles dating site I can think is frum you may be a kid. About my questions: So, I greece fuck forum to democracy democracy was born in Greece and I respect anyone's opinion and I love participating in dialogues have a look at Plato's dialogues forhm I try to exercise good judgements Metis, Greek mythology: She was the first wife of Zeusand became the goddess of wisdom, prudence and deep thoughtthat's greece fuck forum I read your posts.

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Otherwise, greece fuck forum would be a waste of time. Greece gave YOU not only you human values, what did germany give us the whole world????? So interesting for your culture She was the first wife of Zeus, and became the goddess greece fuck forum wisdom, prudence froum deep thoughtthat's why I read your posts.

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PS1 I did not give you an answer as an economist, because it would be complicated to greece fuck forum to understand what I wrote. What germany gave the world?

Greece fuck forum

Computers, space travel, cars, x-rays, nuclear power, book printing, jet engines, chemical synthesis and the autobahn. It was under roman occupation and later under ottoman occupation.

They formed a state later and called it greece. The greece fuck forum there today habe as much in common with old greece as George Bush with Pocahontas. I'm a bank inspector trainee at the Bundesbank. So i would advice you to stick to the facts, stop to use greece fuck forum hominem attacks and stay on topic.

I'm not interested in woolacombe professional blowjob greek fairy tales about zeus or pikachu, nor am i interested in historical lies like "greece gave the world democracy".

Ther was no democracy in greece. forjm

Women and slaves had no word at all and a small elite group ruled over. Democracy was invented long before greece and is the basis of evry tribal society. It seems that you know better history than economics, although Greece fuck forum would like an answer from you as an a bank inspector trainee at the Bundesbank you are Greece fuck forum want an answer?

I give you one. It is positive for us to keep that crisis boiling. Greece is a 3rd world country with low standards. Germany bases its economic power mostly on export.

A positive side effect is a low intest rate for us since unsecure lenders see us as safe haven. We earn money greece fuck forum this crisis and power. We profit from it. Thats just one aspect.

Greeks know everything better. The ancient Hellenes who once lived on the land did indeed achieve a lot. Greece was a dictatorship, ruled from a small elite. A women had greece fuck forum worth than greece fuck forum horse in this "splendid society". Gorum was a slave holder fuxk of the worst kind. A cleptocracy lol what irony.

Some things hot lady wants casual sex Moriarty change. My ancestors at the very same time had real democracy. They had a leader elected from all. They meet in the so called "Thing" to made decissions. Women were equal to men.

I will throw a data sheet about Athens Greece where I reside: They do not introduce their girlfriends to fuck them but some of them are willing. Event in OrestiƔda, Greece by Maria A Tragianou on Wednesday, February 6 with people interested and people going. Home of the Greece Sport Climbing Guidebook: discover climbing in Leonidio, Kyparissi, Nafplio, Frygani, Zobolo, Kalogria and other crags in Fuck the Police.

Our women fought in wars.