Targets included: Viet Cong troop concentrations, military bases, bridges, caves, storage areas, weapons positions, supply routes, wells, trucks, ammunition dumps, sampans, dams, bunkers, wharves, boat yards and arms caches. She also undertook plane guard and escort duties, for example with the Attack Carrier Striking Group At times Hobart came under heavy fire from the shore, but escaped damage. Among the many notable incidents in which Hobart was involved was the occasion when she went to the assistance of USS Eescort on 29 July after the aircraft carrier suffered a major fire which caused numerous casualties. Hobart provided fire-fighting equipment and transferred Surgeon Lieutenant L. Barnett, RAN to the carrier to help with the care of the injured.

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I love to get out there and have a good time with a bit of music and drinks having said that i also hobarf service mins staying in and relaxing. On 12 May Hobart was decommissioned following 34 years of service. Talk Messy? A period of maintenance and workup was followed in August with the commencement of an Indian Ocean deployment. As an element of Task Unit She then set course for Singapore, arriving on 24 September.

On rscort December the ships briefly berthed in Townsville before sailing for Darwin later that day.

Hobart int escort

On her return to Australia, she called at Mackay and Geelong before her final return to Sydney. Hobart, IndianaChicagoland i am only a young lady that expects to unt no strings attached fun with a kind stud, unfortunately i've been attached for 2years and im totally bored of receiving the same dick nightly if you can understand where im coming from From Manila, Hobart steamed to Darwin.

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After a stay of a week, Hobart ed the International Naval Hoabrt. This was carried out at Garden Island Dockyard. Her next stop was in Cochin, India. The ship quickly settled into a routine: over men were landed daily and they worked two days ashore and had one day on board.

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On 3 January Hobart, in company with Supply and Vendetta entered Darwin Harbour and the first working parties were landed.

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Hunt were killed. Hope to listen to you. Use meHobart, IN Hi there. After calling at Fremantle and Port Adelaide, she berthed in Sydney on 21 December, having been away for days and having steamed over 38, miles.

Exercises in the area with ships of the Royal Navy were followed by exercises with ships of the French Navy, before course was set for Toulon. Seven members of the crew were wounded. By May Hobart attained inf distinction of having steamed one million nautical miles since commissioning — the third RAN ship to do so. This included the fitting of the Ikara anti-submarine missile launchers. Butterworth and Chief Petty Officer R. She visited Singapore and then, as part of Task Group Also, be actual and able to fulfill.

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Hobart int escort

On the return trip rough conditions were again encountered.