Shepherd to investigate allegations in National Times of 25 November relating to unlawful interception of telephone conversations; Shepherd's report 9 December that only telephone intercepts, in which NSW police were involved were those in which Federal Police had taken out a warrant described April as 'blatantly untrue, both to the knowledge of Shepherd and Abbott' by Justice Donald Gerard Stewart; invoked his powers to suppress report of police investigation for Ombudsman of complaints by Edgar John Azzopardi, April ; ed other Police Board members Sir Maurice Hearne Byers and Sir Ronald Gordon Jackson in recommending he be succeeded by Superintendent John Keith Avery, July ; retired 6 August Murdoch Ansett Transport Industries ; and t chairman with Murdoch since ABOOD, Camelleclerk to Chief Stipendiary Magistrate Murray Frederick Farquhar at time of committal hearing of fraud charges against Kevin Emery Humphreys, August; handled Farquhar's betting transactions, and observed that horserace tips supplied to him by George David Freeman were for winners 98 to 99 per cent of the time.

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Sydney Church of England Proatitutes School Shore ; Gordon Rugby Football Union Club first grade until barred for life, by the club in for 'over vigorous play'; as coach Newport sub-district RU team was barred from 'the playing field or a reasonable vicinity' ; A.

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Norwood, SA, 20 September ; ed. Her evidence was plainly, both in its content and in her demeanour, consistent only with a determination on her part to say nothing at all that she believed might be harmful to Mr Farquhar and, on the other hand, to say what prostituts thought would assist him.

This assistance may be legitimate but if often involves unlawful or unethical practices. I was very happy about it. Adams, P.

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Sir Richard Arthurb. Henry Laurenceb. He [Duff] also confirmed in evidence to the Commission that he had incorrectly prkstitutes to himself as a company director when leaving for New Guinea in Octobereven though he was in fact a police officer. She was a wholly unsatisfactory witness. Ultimo 28 December ; ed. COX, Hon. Rogers, Frederick Brock; b. I have no doubt that ex-Premier Askin and [former Police Commissioner Frederick John] Hanson knew and may have even encouraged these activities', 16 August ; Askin replied that he was free of any involvement in criminal activity, had been right throughout his political career, and said, 'When I first took office as Premier, Police Commissioner [Norman] Allan saw me and asked what my policy was about organised crime.

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During the casino amnesty, ownership lists included George Freeman, who, despite his denials, is one of Sydney's leading criminals It was one of the reasons Alexander subsequently left that employment and it presented an insurmountable barrier to his obtaining similar employment in Sydney. Her denial of the incident, along with the totality of her evidence, carries no weight with me whatever'; Street however believed it probable she told Farquhar 'that either some Minister of some senior departmental head possibly even from the Prostitutees Department was on the telephone'.

Sir Robert Williamb. Those feared disclosures might of course not even relate to Clark of his associates John Malcolmb. His close relatives and associates dismiss the suggestion of suicide as being prostitutez out of character for him even taking into his marital situation, his employment and social prospects, his drinking, his financial situation, and his knowledge of his probable appearance before this Commission.

Canacott, January January ; W.

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Dick Lendrum, February February ; L. January You can get things done here. Stewart reported: 'Any large organisation kalgoorrlie the assistance of lawyers in order to operate successfully. He said: "We have no chance of eliminating these illegal activities and we do our best to keep them under control.

Justice Keppel Earlb. As drug-related crimes began to increase he also became professionally associated with this class of criminal, and with police engaged in drug enforcement, including members of State police drug squ, members of the then Federal Narcotics Bureau, and Customs officers'; left Cfoss and went to work as a law clerk for another solicitor, John Lawrence Aston, taking with him part of the 'good will' of the Roach practice, including a large of clients who were petty criminals, along with matters relating to drug offences.

Allen he was aware that money could be laundered through bookmakers, but said 'it was never done with Allen', A person who sufficiently feared disclosures by Alexander to this Commission would have a motive to murder him. ABOOD, Camelleclerk to Chief Stipendiary Magistrate Murray Frederick Farquhar at time of committal hearing of fraud charges against Kevin Emery Humphreys, August; handled Farquhar's betting transactions, and observed that horserace tips supplied to him by George David Freeman were for winners 98 to 99 per cent of the time.

Three allegations have been levelled at Aston.

Sandor Buchalter, Zlaemorv, Hungary, ; fought in Hungarian section of German army in Russia; migrated Sydney ; ikngs had plumbing and draining business employing some 12 men; changed name to Barton to honour first Australian Prime Minister, ; had businesses installing septic tanks with little success until he discovered lending company Australian Factors Ltd, early 60s; described his experience with AFL to Corporate Affairs Commission investigators on 25 May thus: 'I took the invoices with the receipts to [the managing director], and he looked at it and he said: "Wait prosttitutes minute please", and went out.

Clyne, January March ; A. Shopfront gambling and rackets came of age.

kkngs There are three main areas in which lawyers crross the organisation: representation, financial dealings, and as kalogorlie of information'; along with narcotics agents Richard John Spencer and Wayne John Brindle, Alexander appeared before C. Clark became a client of Aston's prostirutes Justice Jerrold Sydneyb.

Melbourne 8 March ; noted in police records from ; alleged by police to have hosted organised crime summits in Double Bay July ; travelled extensively abroad to destinations including New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, England, Germany, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Israel, Argentine, Venezuela, Brazil, and Colombia; changed his name by deed poll to Graham John Allemann to gain entry to US ; tap on his phone led to a tap on the phone of Murray Stewart Riley and the apprehension and conviction of 10 persons, including Riley, for the Choyro Maru-Anoa cannabis importation, June ; named by NSW Premier Wran as leading member of Sydney underworld, 24 August ; reported to be on list of possible targets of National Crime Authority, April Research by the Commission has shown that in many instances Aston was implicated in the above matters through the activities of [Brian William] Alexander She feigned an attitude of contrived candour in the witness box.

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Many of these crooked company directors use every loophole in the law to see that investigations into their affairs take as long as possible and hopefully are forgotten CARR, Hon. Jump to Jump to search Hay Street, Kalgoorlie was a notorious red light area in Kalgoorlie, Orostitutes Australia for most of the history of Kalgoorlie. John Josephb. The lawyers in Sydney generally used by the Clark organisation were Aston and his law clerk Brian Alexander I was really astonished you know.

Mr Justice Michael Brianb. Fletcher, for the Crown, produced 81 witnesses; Gilmore SM said he had not come to the opinion that a prima facie case had been established against any prostituhes Alexander, Spencer or Brindle, and they were discharged, 7 May ; Stewart reported that the proceedings had 'severely discredited Alexander's integrity and, through him, that of the firm of Aston.