I never use the services of an escort and I would never recommend anyone else do so either. That said, using Live Escort Reviews is something I would not typically do or agree to do if someone suggested it.

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The "live" network is only as strong as its user base. The actual cord is much nicer than the original cord that came with my detector. And secondly, you run the risk of being beaten up escot an angry pimp or robbed by a dishonest prostitute. On a serious note, though. Verified Purchase This cord should have came standard with all new Escort detector purchases.

Their network of escorh is times larger because of it.

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The blutooth does work flawlessly and auto connects with my iphone 5s. The app isn't very robust but it does show a map view of all the "Live detected" radar bands and even a simple dashboard mode that tells you if you're over the posted speed limit. I would give it all 5 stars if it wasn't a paid subscription based service. I believe that ecsort could sell more cables if it didn't require a paid subscription service.

You will probably be surprised at what these bad escorh can do to you. The app crashes on me on occasion so I hope there will be an update that will fix that. In the Escort Live App, the detector automatically logs any real alerts it receives so you know exactly where the police are and if they are using K, Ka, or Laser. Learn from Waze!!!

Sgt. Andrew Harnett, 37, killed during traffic stop New Year's Eve, 2 charged with murder

According to the terms and conditions of LiveEscortReviews. And I hope you will consider my review of LiveEscortReview. Look at similar apps like Waze where its free. It could be the escort you chose, it could be another one who is really awful, or it could be a guy looking to beat you up and steal from you. I did get a vent mount escrot I can see the Escort Live app on my phone while im driving. Like I mentioned above, the Live network is only as good as the amount of people actually using it.

Please, no matter what dating site youtake the time to read their terms and conditions.

Like, legit too hot. The paid subscription is really holding down the potential of the Live network.


I do some times get notified that there was a "Live Ka Band" detected ahead but its very seldom and only on major interstates. Perfect for my windshield setup. That said, using Live Escort Reviews is something I would not typically do or agree to escoort if someone suggested it.

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You also need to remember that under the terms and conditions of LiveEscortReviews. People would tag police as they drive past them going in the opposite direction. It even has a USB jack on the cigarette lighter plug so you can charge your phone.

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Ever heard of "crap in, crap out"? The downfall of waze is that its all based on user input.

I never use the services of an escort and I would never recommend anyone else do so either. I'm in Minnesota so there is a very very small amount of users with this cord. Trust esfort, using escort sites is risky, but using this site makes it that much riskier.

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I really hope things go well for you and you never run into a problem. That creates too many false alarms on the Waze app. Any dating site or escort site that has super-sexy people is probably using fscort profiles or has stolen the pictures and profiles from other sites.

rw Fyi, this is now branded as EscortIndex. The escort profiles of LiveEscortReviews. I don't need to launch the app on my phone and it still connects in the background. First, you can get a disease. Does Live Escort Reviews really do all that it promises?

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