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Looking 4 good lady 2live with me

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YOU WERE WITH 5 OTHER PEOPLE, 4 GIRLS AND 1 boy, AND I FOUND MYSELF WISHING I WAS THE SECOND boy THERE, WITH YOU. Non-smoker, nono pets, noquiet, do not have people over, neat, clean, organized,looking 4 good lady 2live with me white female, homeowner, nice car. Just waiting for someone to hang out with, maybe dinner, movie, you name it.

Age: 22
Relationship Status: Single
Seeking: I Want Sex Chat
City: San Francisco, CA
Relation Type: Looking For Woman 45 Plus

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2 Live Crew:Bill So Horny Lyrics | LyricWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

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Every t'ing you want. Every t'ing BILL: Yes, Bill?

Campbell v. Acuff-Rose Music, Inc. - Wikipedia

Monica, what would you do for a job here at the White House? I'd do anything, Bill.

Well, do you swallow? I sure do, Bill.

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You do? Well, what would you do with this cigar? Well why don't you let me show you, Billy. Don't do that, baby! Hold on this!

Oh, sock it to me! Chorus repeated during breakdowns Ah!

Adult Want Sex Tonight Little River-Academy

Me so horny! Me love you long time! Verse 1: Brother Marquis Sittin' in my office with my dick on hard Fuckin' all the interns 'cause I'm the boss Picked up the telephone to call one of my bitches Said, "What's up, Monica baby?

Can you come and kiss it?

Your dick is much bigger than Vernon Jordan's. Now Monica Monica, c'mon, let's go into the Wity Office, girl. I just wanna break you off a lil' somethin' Come On now, let's go Verse 2: Fresh Kid Ice Gore always asks him why he sexes so much It's the perks of being Prez; you always get a nut Since you're married to Tipper, you shouldn't be sad Don't tell Hilary so she won't get mad 'Cause you know she'll be disgusted looking 4 good lady 2live with me he ever gets busted And Newt will be mad 'cause he didn't get the ass He's a Prez in heat, a freak without warning He loves oral sex, 'cause Bill so horny!

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BILL during chorus: I'm ready to get my online dating sites for geeks on, girl, I don't Know about you I'm not a player no more, girl Verse 3: Brother Marquis You 2libe looking 4 good lady 2live with me I'm a pervert or a desperate motherfucker I'll hook you up with Paula and let you do each other I'll play with your mind just like it's a game I'll call my homie Vernon so we can run a "train" And fuck Linda Tripp, 'cause I hate that bitch I even got her on tape sucking on my dick I'm a freak in heat, a dog without warning Hilary's my wife, but Monica baby, you're my woman BILL during chorus: Oh Monica I'm gonna have to take you to the next Democratic Convention I can't believe this Mixx cuts and scratches "Hey, what's the matter, baby?

Oh Monica, that's Oh yes, oh!

Oh yeah Verse 4: Fresh Kid Ice It's true you weren't employed until you looking 4 good lady 2live with me Bill He made you an intern, and you ratted still You wih your parents that he turned you out In the Oval Office of the White House You said it yourself, you like it like he do You put your lips on his cigar, and kissed it too He's a freak in heat; Janet Reno didn't warn 'em He loves oral sex, 'cause Bill so horny!

Outro repeated till end of track: Monica, I can't believe you did this To me! wtih

I gave you a job, woman! Dammit, why did you do this to me?

Now what's America gonna think? I mean, it could've just been me, You, and my wife Hilary! No one had to know!

Wagga Chinese

You didn't have to go Tell everybody, now! Ken Starr's on my case and Jennifer Flowers stuff!

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My Wife won't even talk to me! Hilary -- Chelsea, tell Your mom I'm talking to her!

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Hilary, talk to me, dammit! Cone on, Say llooking I'll blow somethin' up if you don't talk to me, Woman! I can't believe this!

My career's in shambles Me so horny. Nominate as Song of the Day. Hype Machine: Bill So Woth. Retrieved from " https: Community content is available under Copyright unless otherwise noted.