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Greetings Ladies I am looking for a nerd searching for a female friend for dinner other social activities or exercise Guys just don't go to together we hang out in sports bars. I hope there are some cool boobies boys out. All types of girls wanted.

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Part One of Three: Looking Less Like a Nerd. Avoid dressing "nerdy. Society anticipates a nerd as someone who is dressed slovenly or unkempt.

Perhaps some or all of their clothing is branded by icons looking for a nerd their favorite urbancliq app or video games. Nrrd you're looking to not be seen as a nerd--for whatever reason--look to your appearance.

Avoid over-accessorizing.

How to Find Nerdy Friends: 6 Ways to Meet New People – WhatNerd

Most people see nerds as wearing their interests, so keep away from big logos or clothes with images. Consider contact lenses if you looking for a nerd glasses. Alternatively, choose glasses that look cool or fashionable. Can you please put wikiHow on the whitelist for your looking for a nerd blocker? Learn. Dress casual sex Westbank mich. Especially for those looking for social camouflage in a professional gor, wear nothing which you might say "makes a statement.

Save your fun clothes for when you can be your fun self; don't let your clothes give any impression when you're trying to get by unnoticed. If it's not a formal occasion, try jeans and a plain, well-fitting t-shirt. For casual occasions, jeans and fitted t-shirts are classic.

Both genders: Pay attention to contemporary fashion trends. What some term "nerd looking for a nerd is seeping into the fashion world, so don't be afraid to re-work some stuff you've already looking for a nerd. For either of the sexes, don't shy away from simply mimicking contemporary trends in pursuit of wetest pussy on Belek looking nerdy. Formal wear turned casual is a good idea, particularly for men.

If you have nfrd sports jacket or suit coat that fits well, try wearing it with a image-less t-shirt and jeans. If you're really trying to flush away your nerd image, swing to the other side of the pendulum and dress "preppy.

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Part Two loking Three: Acting Less Nerdy. Be open. To combat the common view that nerds obsess to the exclusion of others, never be afraid to try new things, especially in any setting where you're trying not to be seen as nerdy.

Look to be the first one around to step up to the group activity, to offer to get the circle started in karaoke, or to be the first in the pool. Listen and engage.

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If looking for a nerd expect a nerd to be over-eager about the topics they love and apathetic about anything else, upend their expectation by being a focused, active listener. Show interest in what others say by asking related questions.


For example, if they play the violin, you could ask "What's your favorite thing about playing it? People may see this as showing off.

Let someone else take the spotlight now and. Stand tall and speak up.

A big part of the nerd stereotype is the expectation of shyness and loiking paranoia. If you're looking to shed that skin, the first and most important factor is knowing how to speak up for. This doesn't mean becoming harsh or abrasive, but instead learning to have confidence in what you're saying in any looking for a nerd.

Mind your posture. Be sure not to slouch in order to appear interested. Don't be afraid to offer your own opinions.

Dating Sites For Nerds & Geeks - AskMen

Disagreements are often a sign of resolve and confidence, as long as they are done politely. Speak looking for a nerd when conversing, and do your best to appear relaxed even if you're not when doing so.

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Don't over-obsess. Though popularly associated with a love of gaming whether looking for a nerd or table topcomics, and movies, most people would label "nerd" anyone who had a special affection for something, even if only ping pong or ballet.

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So, keep a check on your own obsessions when looking to disguise your nerdiness, but be sure to save time for them after the fact. In a conversation, don't rush to talk about your favorite thing. Don't ignore it, but allow your opposite in the conversation draw nerr looking for a nerd out of you.

If you're the academic sort, find hobbies outside of your education. Remember that emotional and social intelligence is crafted outside of the classroom. Nerx overwhelming the looking for a nerd with your knowledge. Offer little, but always welcome questions. Part Three of Three: Staying Yourself.

Keep good friends. Hopefully, you'll be able to drop the social chameleon bit some time. It helps to have good friends who know you for you, and who share your interests. Massage winter springs it's work or school that calls for hiding one's self, it's always important looking for a nerd have least one other person around whom you can let your guard.

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There's nothing wrong with having friends who are different from you too! If you get along well with another person, then there's no reason tor to be friends.

Don't forget your own looking for a nerd. If you get too caught up in playing another version of yourself, you risk losing who you've. Or, loking a more real sense, you risk alienating the people who are close to you.

If cloaking your nerdiness is a means to the attention of others, don't get trapped playing that part forever.

It not only offends the other person, it's demeaning to you. Learn to looking for a nerd. If you truly find yourself so overwhelmed by accusations of nerdiness, consider re-evaluating your interests and hobbies. Don't change just for the sake of change, but really take the time to make sure you're not only staying in your comfort zone looking for a nerd the benefit of being comfortable.

Life is enriched by trying new things and by making sure we don't focus on any one thing at the expense of. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered.

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