X-Ray Vision?? Grades Do you have "X-Ray Ror Roll up a piece of notebook paper into a tube. The diameter of the tube should be about 0.

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What you should see is a hole in your left hand!!

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Now, change focus: look at the tip of your finger instead of the point 20 feet away. Try it!

Hold up your left hand in front of you. However, the rods do not provide any information about color.

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After the 10 minute search period, the teams come back together and the lists of objects are read. The other photoreceptors in your eye, called cones, are the ones that are used for seeing color. Bring them back to class lookinf have students match up similar colors. The rods, which work better in dim light, are in highest concentration in the sides of the retina.

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Lokoing dim light, the receptors in your eyes called rods are doing most of the work. Materials: Colored paper about five different colors Accommodating Accommodation Grades When light enters the eye, it is first bent refracted by the cornea. Light is bent further by the lens of the eye in a process called accommodation. Did everyone in your class mix up the same color or did everyone get the colors correct?

Materials: Seeing in the Dark Grades K Of course you cannot see if it is completely dark, but you can see a bit in dim light. Wait about 10 minutes maybe listen to some music while you wait. That's why you cannot see colors in dim light. After the lists are read, each team will get five minutes to search the room for colored objects that the other teams did NOT find. It should be in focus.

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Dim the lights until you can just barely see. I I I said said. These cards are about the size of index cards and show the variety of paint that is available.

Looking for light fun

This is because the two types of photoreceptors rods and cones in the retina perform different functions and are located in the retina in different locations. The ilght with the most total points after both searches is the winner.

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A flatter lens refracts less light. For example, if the red team did not find a red apple, another team that DID find the red apple will get one point.

You can also use samples of gift wrap or wall paper to make lighht or pattern cards. Teams must make a list of all the objects they find. Maybe when I first came in there was kind of doubt in front and maybe they said, let's you know, kick it up.

Looking for light fun

Grades Do you have "X-Ray Vision? The cones, which are best for detail and color vision, are in highest concentration forr the center of the retina. Check it out for yourself: Get five pieces of paper of different colors such as different colored typing paper or construction paper. Here's how to demonstrate accommodation: Close one eye and stare at a point about 20 feet away.

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Each team gets one point for each object found. The color picked will be the name of the team.

Looking for light fun

Maybe they're pushing me to try things. Divide players into teams. Get a variety of sample "color cards" from your local paint store.

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X-Ray Vision?? When someone says "Go," the teams will have 10 minutes to look around the room for objects that have their team's color. Roll up ligh piece of notebook paper into a tube.

Looking for light fun