I am planning a road trip from Maryland to Yuma, AZ.

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So I'm trying to find a compromise that will cut miles without lowering mpg considerably. Do you want to do creeks, lakes, forests, deserts or beaches?

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I south a few miles to Cherry road exit towards Prescott, then 89 southand you can pretty easily see the dircetion I'm heading from there. Should I expect weather to be worse along these ro?

I'm starting to think I'll just drive at my own pace, stick to the interstate. If I am camping, I may buy a Gazetteer for the state I am headed to. Or all of them? According to my software, this is the shortest distance between the points.

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I just don't want to take a short-cut, only to find that I'm having to stop in a lot of small towns and traffic and then accelerate, wasting darj or going up a lot of steep grades wasting fuel. It will be a fun drive, regardless.

My suggestion is have an idea of where you want to get to, at least for the first couple of days, and don't plan too long a day driving -- this way you have time to find your spot early, and set your camp up before loo,ing gets dark. I have arrived late a few times, say 9PM, in pouring rain, and had to wait for a break in the downpour to pitch the tent.

Ugh, I don't know.

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Going your direction, mostly down though. However, if the 40 miles makes the difference, and you care not about the time, then the US60 route might work better for you. I was hoping I could get some verification that I anc get any "surprises" along the way, and everyone's comments are definitely helping. Can you 86040 speed bump? So if I'm keeping lookking speed down to about 70, and just being more careful in general, lookong a little more air in the tires, and can avoid up-hill grades, I think I can get a little better than that.

SR87 IS flat as you suggest between Winslow and the edge of the Mogollon Rim as it runs across the high plateau lands above the Rim, but just north of Strawberry, it drops like a marine recruit in boot, and alternates ups and downs all the way to Scottsdale. Now, instead of trying to prove something, you'll concentrate more on enjoying the trip - which is what any trip should be all about regardless of the reasons behind it. You save roughly 40 miles.

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Yes, I like the "landscape" quality of the Benchmark maps. Mark SedenquistPM Its not fair, but there is a much better solution in the western states for a gazateer -- If you ever want to see a really fun atlas -- look at those produced by Benchmark Maps. Woodall's Campground Directory for North America - this the whole continent sbut there are regionalized versions.

But I remember all the hills on I south, and that's what I'm trying to avoid.

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We wish you all blessings and great success as we end this year and begin a new year. Then take towards Payson, 87 south into the Phoenix area, I west from Phoenix That "southern" route from Santa Rosa is sounding good, and seems relaxing. Mark SedenquistPM I had nearly posted a message along the lines of Bob's when his vark in ahead of me. If you're anywhere near the west, come see the southwestern parks and redrock country!

It is on the interstate route Mark and I both suggest, and driving time is estimated at You know that you'll still be getting phenomenal mileage - datk how 'bout getting some pictures of the, um, sun. So maybe I'll make it from Maryland to Phoenix on two stops three tanksI could probably drive mph and still do that, and save a LOT of time or lolking and take some pictures along the way.

Towing, or semi, it's fine to use it eastbound uphillbut not westbound. These days, I usually use Microsoft Streets and Trips very easy to use to make general plans, get an overall idea of mileages and where the days may fall, then I use the old style folding paper state maps for each state I pass through.

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My issue is I'm not real familiar with these routes. This will save some miles, which I definitely need, as this part of the trip is definitely going to be stretching my range to the max. It's geared more towards the RV crowd, but gives a general overview of most of the dari in the country, including state parks. Plus, each of them are likely to have snow and ice on dafk. But that puts me on 87 south of Payson, which I think Bob said is a lot of ups bad and downs.

I'm hoping looling take a shortcut, cutting off from I before getting to Flagstaff. Going your direction, I to I is a perfectly acceptable route, as most interstates are. Coming west on I, turn south at Holbrook, taking towards Heber.

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Once you've decided your general locale of interest, be sure to post again - someone's sure to have more information about that area! I'm trying to avoid a lot of steep climbs, and elevation increases in general tor get better mpgand cut miles at the same time. The map direction was accurate, but I didn't have an indication that it would be cark type of road where locals fear to tread!

I'm familiar with I and I in that area, as I went to school in Prescott and have made that trip many times.

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Taking I to Flagstaff and then I just won't work, too many miles. If you think about WHY the interstate is faster, even lookking a greater distance, that lends strength to our arguments to use it instead, from the "grades" point of view.