Chapter 7Patient experience of the single room ward environment Introduction This chapter explores the experiences of patients on single room wards. It presents vor from a thematic and cross-case analysis of 32 in-depth interviews conducted with patients who had recently stayed, or were currently staying, on the four case study wards at the Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

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P32, postnatal patient, age 32 years You can ask them anything [.

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P25, postnatal patient, age 40 years They stood still and listened. Who are you going to talk to here? Patients also experienced a high degree of control in the single room. These patients felt the advantages of the single room in terms of comfort and control outweighed any disadvantages in relation to connection with staff and isolation, and having en suite facilities and a television was particularly important to them.

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But what surprised me so was that I had a shower, yes. It did get a little bit lonely [. You can adjust your cookie choices in those tools at any time.

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Nothing was too much trouble. With having warv check-ups on [baby] having my own room meant I could speak frankly. Six of the seven patients were male and one was female.

This issue may be freely reproduced for the purposes of private research and study and extracts or indeed, the full report may be included in professional journals provided that suitable acknowledgement is made and the reproduction is not associated with any form of advertising. Patients reported variation in this practice, and highlighted how important it was for them as a means of building rapport in the single room environment. They were disinclined to initiate conversation lpoking staff and found time passing slowly.

The patient quoted below links discontinuous, task-focused care with missed opportunities to increase his comfort.

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P30, postnatal patient, age 29 years Summary of advantages and disadvantages The advantages and disadvantages of single room accommodation identified by patients are summarised in Table 57which also shows how particular advantages and disadvantages relate to the four dimensions of patient experience discussed above.

This information is shared with social media, sponsorship, analytics, and other apabama or service providers. These patients wanted more opportunities to go out of their rooms and meet other patients. Could you close the alaabma P15, female surgical patient, age 65 years The single room is, I think, the most perfect solution they came up with because [.

And that was it [. These were comfort, control, connection and isolation. P8, male AAU patient, age 69 years It is important to reiterate here that these preference findings are based on qualitative data from four case study wards and are not necessarily generalisable to other settings or groups of patients. This business of having a nice wet room is marvellous. Staff also valued single rooms for discussion with patients and families together see Chapter 6Privacy, dignity and confidentiality; more personalised patient care.

The privacy of the single room meant patients felt that they retained their independence and freedom; they were able to do what they liked, when they liked and in their own time.

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Some patients particularly wanted opportunities to interact with other patients, and made suggestions for how this could be encouraged by staff. P11, male surgical patient, age 70 years I think the first couple of days, they came in and they wrote on the board who was in charge and so on. P15, female surgical patient, age 65 years Patients noted alzbama quality of the lighting, ventilation and views from the bed and these were important factors in the overall levels of comfort experienced.

You know, is it okay to leave the ward? Patients experienced high levels of comfort and control in single rooms, which enhanced their well-being. In the post-move interviews, all patients talked about the enhanced confidentiality offered by the single room, but postnatal patients were especially grateful for the privacy afforded by the single room.

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Comfort An important difference between pre-move and post-move patient experience was in perceptions of comfort. The single room was frequently compared favourably with a hotel or home environment. Approximately one in three patients interviewed 11 of 32 experienced lack of interaction with other patients as a main disadvantage of the single room. For parents, the single room was especially valued for ensuring a relaxed visit, for both patient and child ren.

Patients on the old wards identified aspects of ward de and facilities as increasing their discomfort. You had a shower, toilet, and washing facilities. Patients in single rooms identified aspects mah the environment that contributed to their comfort, particularly the en suite facilities, in contrast to patients on the old wards, who experienced ificant levels of discomfort.

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For him to come and stay would mean bringing a blow-up mattress [. The isolation and lack of interaction experienced by some patients led to them feeling confined or constrained in their single room, and patients described a lack of information from staff about day room facilities or other communal areas that they could access although patients in the AAU had no day room.

Patients also enjoyed the confidentiality afforded by apabama single room, and the privacy and flexibility it gave for visitors. P7, female AAU patient, age alaba,a years I love it in here, because you can do what you like, think what you like, and [.

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Maternity patients expressed a preference for single rooms, which they expected would provide more security, privacy and physical comfort than an open ward. Isolation For some patients, lack of interaction with other patients was a striking feature of their stay in hospital, and led to strong feelings of isolation in some cases. P26, postnatal patient, age 26 years All patients interviewed found having an en suite toilet and shower particularly beneficial. For this second alqbama, care was experienced as largely task driven and functional.

Could you turn the light off? And that was wonderful! So, I think that made a big difference. In contrast, patients in the new wards were universal in their praise for the comfort afforded by the single room environment. Team nursing and intentional rounding integrated with task-based care may result in foor different members of staff delivering care to a patient during a shift.

Staff surveyed rated single rooms as better or much better for patient interactions with visitors see Chapter 5.

The ward layout and perceived pressure on staff contributed to patients on the postnatal ward feeling especially insecure. Trauma patients, paediatric patients and patients with dementia may have different preferences and particular experiences of the single room environment that are not adequately womsn by the four core concepts discussed above.

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For some patients this led to a sense of isolation. The lighting was fantastic, because obviously, there are different settings.

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They do have a lunch club which operates on lots of lkoking of the week, but it depends on the nurses being able to take the time to take you down there and be with you [. There was also a sense in which patients experienced these aspects of the environment as healing or aids to their recovery.