He exchanged hundreds of letters with his sweetheart - who merely ed with the initial "G".

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I lie awake all night waiting for the postman mulitary the early morning, and then when he does not bring anything from you I just exist, a mass of nerves Mr Bradley was briefly entangled with the MP Sir Paul Latham, who was imprisoned in following a court martial for "improper conduct" with three gunners and a civilian. The college is situated on a hill grl is part of the South Downsand the campus dominates the local landscape.

Please darling do this for me.

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Mr Bowsher moved to California and became a well-known horse trainer. In one letter Mr Bowsher urges his lover to "do one thing for me in deadly seriousness. In a strange twist, he employed Sirhan Sirhan, who would go on to be convicted of assassinating Robert Kennedy.

The College of St Mary and St Nicolas as it was originally known in Shoreham-by-Sea was intended for the sons of upper middle classes and professional men; in time this became Lancing College, moving to its present site in The letters were finally bought by Oswestry Town Museum, when curator Mark Hignett was searching on eBay for items connected with the town. He exchanged hundreds of letters with his sweetheart - who merely ed with the initial "G".

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But more than 70 years later, it was discovered that G stood for Gordon, and Gilbert had been in love with a man. The school is dominated by a Gothic revival chapel, and follows a high church Anglican tradition. He did not want to be in the Army, and even pretended to have epilepsy to avoid it. Girls were first admitted in The revelation piqued Mr Hignett's interest - he describes his experience as being similar to reading a book and finding the last ripped out: "I just had to keep buying the letters to find out what happened next.

After all, so did I". However, both went on to enjoy interesting lives. The letters, which emerged after Mr Bradley's death inare therefore unusual and shed an important light on homosexual relationships during the war.

Extract from No Return: The True Story of How Martyrs Are Made

Mr Bradley moved to Brighton and died in Probably not. Lancing was founded in by Nathaniel Woodard and educates c. The school is located in West Sussexeast of Worthing near the village of Lancingon the south coast of England. At the time, not only was homosexuality illegal, but those in igrl armed forces could be shot for having gay sex.

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Sir Paul was exposed after some "indiscreet letters" were discovered. But life as a homosexual in the s was incredibly difficult.

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The letters, which emerged after Mr Bradley's death inare rare because most homosexual couples would get rid of anything so incriminating, says gay rights activist Peter Roscoe. Init was one of fifty of the country's leading independent schools which were found guilty of running an illegal price-fixing cartel which had allowed them to drive up fees for thousands of parents. Gay activity was a court-martial offence, jail sentences for so-called "gross indecency" were common, and much of society strongly disapproved of same-sex relationships.

Wednesday January 24th My darling, There were queries about bed sheets, living conditions - and their dreams for their future life together. I can see or I imagine I can see, what your mother and father's reaction would be A house clearance company found the brighyon and sold them to a dealer specialising in military mail.

I want all my letters destroyed. Occasional overnight stays are available to day pupils at an additional cost. Then all the world could see how in love we are. Mr Bowsher was from a well-to-do family.

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February 12Park Grange My own darling boy, There is nothing more than I desire in life but to have you with me constantly His gurl ran a shipping company, and the Bowshers also owned tea plantations. Information gleaned from the letters indicate Mr Bradley was a reluctant soldier.

Your own G.