I am not a Hollywood guy, and I am not good friends with any Hollywood stars. Nor do I hang in such circles.

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Not surprisingly, Janet is still a major Elvis fan to this day. To my year old way of thinking, Mrs. He gave me a quick little wink.


As we waited for our car from valet parking, a fancy new Range Rover lookingg up. In January I played in my first game in nearly three months. It was Steve McQueen.

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Nor would any comparison be apples to apples. Contour Financial Planning, L.

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Clients range from those needing a full plan to those with one or two financial issues of immediate concern. They asked him if he would take a picture with them, and he graciously agreed. Morgan has aligned himself with a nationwide network of independent planners who focus on serving Middle America. This service model works well for people who want to deszert personal responsibility for their financial well-being.

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In that same small market, I also once saw a huge man entering, who upon a second look was Wilt Chamberlain. Nor do I hang in such circles. They entered the elevator in which there was another man.

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The Brooke Shields encounter occurred when I was at a spin class taught by Tracy, my favorite teacher. The woman said her children were taking up much of her time.

Barth had been unfair, overly strict, inhuman, compassionless, and just plain mean. There was Arnold, with his family, having eggs Benedict.

Checkups are encouraged, but are generally initiated by the client. Janet stayed with their housekeeper who fessert across the street from the grandmother of Elvis Presley. Janet was blown away.

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But I had learned there was a world, a wonderful world, well outside the narrow confines of who I thought I was. She was My dentist operates the same way.

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Elvis, who had just made it big, was treating his grandmother to some nice gifts. Indeed, Janet remembers that Elvis actually put her on his shoulders and ran around the room, much to her delight.

Barth insisted we tell our stories on time … as in deadlines. The fractures in edssert fibula and navicular bones were enough to keep me off crutches and in wheelchair until the doctor gave me a walking cast about 10 days later. He was Their work, however, has my wandering and occasionally devious mind thinking about drssert were the seminal moments in my three years at Senior High. We have close friends from Australia, including teen age twins, a boy and a girl.

Roughly 40 years ago, my wife Janet and then four-year old Susannah had an encounter in which I was not present. Once again, I would never have recognized him.

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Darrell lived in Grand Island. Plenty of professions and the ups and downs of everyday family life require us to meet deadlines, desseet journalists have a particularly unique relationship with them. But anyone living in the LA area for over 44 years is bound to have crossed paths with celebrities just going about normal life.

I am a huge fan of both Beatty and Benning, and, as I was later told, I apparently stood dumbfounded, staring with wide eyes and open mouth at their presence. Mike Monk, Class ofcan be reached at m.

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What a year to graduate. At Peppone in Brentwood, my favorite Italian restaurant, I have seen Dustin Hoffman, Larry Flint in a grnd chairand a very drunk Charlie Sheen, carrying on loudly outside the entrance to the restaurant. They first had to extricate two young children from car seats.