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At the end of last week, ESET's security researchers disclosed the discovery of a sies strain of malware that takes the trend for sextortion to a new level.

Varenyky, as the malware was named by its finders, monitors the activity on infected computers, watching until a pornographic website is visited, and then starts recording the screen.

And nasty sex sites is the other twist with Varenyky—it has been designed to specifically target French computer users.

Nasty sex sites. Varenyky is aimed at Orange customers in France, sending out fake invoices as Microsoft Word attachments metchosin massage cum load the malware.

When those documents are opened, a macro is executed which ensures the computer and its user are indeed French, if not the malware slips away with no damage.

And while the current findings appear relatively generic at least to the Adult wants hot sex Kemmererthere is the potential for the malware to be targeted at individuals.

The spam emails—as many as 1, per hour have been sent—focus on "win a smartphone competitions—an iPhone X, a Galaxy S9 or S None of nasty sex sites is related to the video capture of sex sites, it is a broad-brush approach.

Varenyky is interesting because of its specific national targeting and its mix of credential theft and sextortion campaigning. nasty sex sites

sies The triggered screen recording, though, is grabbing the headlines. Not because of this nasty sex sites campaign—there is no evidence of the videos having been used maliciously yet, but because it's a nasty twist on a theme, and we can expect to hear more about it. As ESET warns, "this shows that operators are inclined to experiment with new features that could nasty sex sites a better monetization of their work.

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The usual sextortion concept of operations sex dating Boerne to take breached email accounts—user names and passwords—and include those in a large-scale nasty sex sites campaign to attempt to trick account esx into thinking they have been compromised, with passwords used as a convincer.

It's a numbers game. Small percentages returning lucrative rewards.

Now there is the potential for the use of video as a twist on nasry we have seen before—shades of Black Mirror episodes coming to life. Nasty sex sites so, the usual advice pertains.

Don't fall for scam promotions. Think before you click on attachments from unfamiliar senders. Don't share personal information and definitely don't share credit card details.

And always keep your software and virus protection up to date. There are many nasty sex sites of Varenyky, ESET warns, "related to possible nasty sex sites or blackmail of victims watching pornographic content. ESET reports that Varenyky "is under heavy development and it has changed a lot since the first time we saw it," which suggests functionality and sophistication will increase.

What we know for sure, though, is that this malware is now out there, and so the risk is very real. Share to facebook Share to twitter Share to linkedin. Zak Doffman. Read More.