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Laguna Cascades Start your Vietnam Hiking adventures with an easy 4km walk that takes you through the Resort before a short climb into the base of our local mountain. Chairman, honorable Members of the Transportation Committee. Some specifics. So we do provide maintenance and we have continued to provide maintenance, but it seems like we can never catch up to with enough money to make our railro We believe there should be an office within OPM that has the budget authority to give the model that's set out by the Transportation Strategy Board the spine to be truly effective.

The over one billion dollars that would be spent for new construction on Routes 6 and 11 and connections of Interstates 95 and must be carefully reevaluated for its impact on statewide finances. I'm the President of the state's preeminent smart growth organization, 1, Friends of Connecticut. We will enable downtown development with affordable housing and walkable neighborhoods, not just in cities, but in the smaller towns along these routes.

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Craft of all sizes from canoes and basket boats to twin screw 30m motherships are crafted here. It's not train to truck.

And my question is, how many companies out there provide these types of buses that we would be looking towards purchasing if possible. Seeing none, thank you for your testimony. I've represented before the Regional Growth Partnership of South Central Connecticut, in the late '80s I served on a transportation committee of Satia. We load train with machinery that basically picks up, scoops up the product, the cargo and ezcort it into jew train.

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I particularly want to thank Senator Don Williams and Speaker Amann for making sure that eastern Connecticut's critical infrastructure needs are not overlooked. But thank you for your testimony. And you can't afford the risk that a freight trains going to go down on the Metro North line in trra morning and then stop all that passenger rail from making its way through. With the water cascading over the rocks and forming clear swimming ponds below, you are truly enticed to cool off and enjoy some refreshments.

I think the bills falls fall short in a of areas, and I'd like to sort of briefly talk about those with you. We buy trains, we buy buses, we build infrastructure, but we don't necessary acquire and implement these in a way that integrate them into useful systems.

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Truly immerse yourself in each moment, whether it is within the jungle, smelling the cleanest of air, hearing the wildlife, a murmuring stream, perhaps a waterfall, seeing unique fauna and flora, majestic views, or it is through rural village experiences with the sounds of bustling morning markets, daily prayers at a temple, fishermen preparing boats and nets to go to gra, or buffalo working the fields preparing for the next rice crop. Safety will requires it, and it's the right thing to do.

Just one quick follow-up.

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A visit to the organic gardens and animal farm that assist our sustainability achievements is rewarding in many ways. No municipality can effectively plan transportation alone, and I would argue that no region can either because of that, because of havej overlapping of patterns. Would your organization consider that as an antidote to supplying funding for this great project we're talking about?

I also have some ideas about funding sources, and I'd be happy to take questions on those.

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All program elements of the proposed bill should be ased individually, or in aggregate, to a funding estimate to assure our true cost of implementing the bill as a whole. We've got a new industry, we call it tourism, and we must make the investments necessary to ensure that the tourism industry can continue to grow. Good morning, thank you. It brings new money to the table, and I'm not saying that we need to fix it at one place all the time.

So if a Connecticut company that buys all of its fuel here, pays that extra tax, right now it's 11 cents a gallon, added to the 24 cent Federal tax and the 26 cent state tax, the gross receipt tax produces another 11 cents.

You want to be nrw a situation where you can take a carload escogt something, from where it is and drop that carload off and go on your way. Good morning, thank you for coming today. Those are glaring and have been long-term deficiencies and for a million and a half, it's a good investment. I think the language also has to reflect the plans to start using passenger rail in the Corridor.

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Our Adventure Leader will recall stories of its past whilst you rest and enjoy some light refreshments. So it adds to the problem of large trucks on the highways. Nee not sure that making New Haven and Bridgeport freight hub rail centers makes sense with the passenger system that travels through that corridor, which is the high priority there.

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EPA's emission standards by by ensuring that diesel particulate filters are installed on all full-sized diesel transit buses. Senator Escortt. one is land use.

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I had many lost opportunities to visit my nephew and his family when they lived in East Lyme because of poor transit. The first one you said you wanted to make sure that we take into consideration land use considerations for how we're going to do this over the long term.

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So I'd like to hear what you may think. And since then, they've moved forward building off haen these successful pilot projects to install filters on the rest of the fleet.

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We can create a self-sustaining transportation corridor which gets people from home to work and back, or takes them antiquing to Putnam or another shopping or recreational trips, without inducing in the kind of sprawl that has turned Fairfield County into a gold-plated traffic jam. We also used to transship sand and salt and other products, and obviously we absolutely need either workable rail to be completed, or a subsidy to take us to that day when workable rail is completed.

They actually didn't submit a series of recommendations, they submitted a menu of options.