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Corey Taylor. M Shawn Crahan. Lamb of God. Jonathan Davis. Pages Liked by This Page. Ghoul Norway come fuck. Recent Post by Page. No one really remembers what happened next, except the Norwegians.

The seal population exploded so such a large amount of animals norway come fuck they decimated their food supply, and started traveling south. First to Norway, then south as norway come fuck as Denmark. Several times the amount of seal ever hunted died of starvation, illness, or from getting caught in fishing nets. This was a species of seal that rarely ever visited the Norwegian coast, let alone travel south along the coast. To prevent such a catastrophe happening again they hunt some whale in Norway.

They love them so much that they latin dominican cupid norway come fuck eat them — and they do: While I enjoy the warm Aussie weather, I probably norway come fuck move back though, as Norway really is a good country to live in.

You must be out of your mind to go. My grandparents came to the southern California beach, and never looked. Over half the Norse population went to America due to the bad weather in old country. Most of the Norwegians emigration to the US was because of poverty, lack of opportunity, and a quite rigid class structure. This was in the period between andand at the time Norway was a very biguy seeking Victoria country, and the US was still thought off as really the Home of the brave and the land of the free, with boundless opportunities for a better life.

Also, most of the Norwegian immigrants settled in the Midwest: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Dakota and Iowa. After landing in New York, where they had their own ethnic enclave for a. I might be wrong but I believe that Minnesota has the largest population of Americans with Norwegian heritage today. Minnesota is not really known for being very warm is it? This clip clearly shows that there is at least some snowfall. Ha, I norway come fuck probably admit now, seeing as its been the norway come fuck focus of the comments that I only included the Whale thing as an afterthought because I felt that I was in danger of being overly sychophantic and needed to take the piss out of Norway a bit more — plus I think the concept of irrationally hating whales is defintely amusing — I draw your attention to this Southpark episope for a much funnier example of this theme.

What ever you are talking about i dont care norway come fuck, what i know is Norway is really good country, ith is my dream country; Norwegians are are down going shame full people but they are not something like this post and comment on this blog. Really i want to be in Norway; norway come fuck there any one who can support me to come to there please contact me. Reading this made me smile.

Just the other week i met a British guy at a bar norway come fuck and we talked norway come fuck a lot of these things. Then the next week I met another who also talked about it. Come to think of norway come fuck, I think the last British guy I talked to even worked in the restaurant business as. His study of suicide can be read more here:.

That is interesting. I would guess that norway come fuck study is possibly the root of Eisenhowers information as. Interesting read! Amongst many people I know, whaling beautiful adult ready sex Allentown Pennsylvania an environmental and cruel problem, and there are plenty of Norwegian organizations and groups working against it. The grenade-tipped harpoons amongst other methods are also quite controversial.

Kristina free discreet relationships in Cartagena pa I get the odd feeling that you live in inland Norway and have rarely been to the coast. Norway has several species of whale, some almost as small as dolphins, and there are at least two species that regularly travel in the fjords, even the Oslo fjord.

They only hunt one species, and the real cause for this hunt is to keep the population in check. There is also a science part involved, but it is mostly there to call the hunt norway come fuck for science. As much of the meat as possible is sold for human consumption, and the rest used for various other whale products. There are always controversial questions about any killing method, but the fact is that the grenade tipped harpoon is the quickest method besides drugs that would taunt the meat and make it useless.

The method is actually probably more secure and just as quick as the slaughter norway come fuck used in the slaughter house.

I really liked your post. Nah, the polarbears prefer Trondheim: Thanks for a funny and interesting post about my home country! I agree with everything you wrote but: When living there I needed to escape once in a while to sunny Berlin where I am from and felt like a reptile on a rock warming up. And having lived in Italy and other sunny places I think sun does a lot to your mood which raingear simply.

While it is true that making real friends takes time everywhere I remember a scene that a good german friend has told me. She met two norwegians in a train and they started talking, of course about Norway because as a foreigner you almost always end up answering hartsville sc nude question how you like it in Norway come fuck. She said that she likes it in Norway come fuck, people take a little time to warm up but now, after two years she has found a circle of friends.

The two norwegians were reacted really surprised — wow, two years, you were really quick. I have lived in several places and it has never taken me so much time to be included then in Norway, which is the experience of any of my friends who are foreigners. Having said that — did you ever notice the change in people when they have a norway come fuck of continuous sun? I used to be annoyed by friends who would norway come fuck to visit me from other countries and would start to tell me what x,y and z would cost in euros and that it all would be so f… expensive.

I never calculated what it would be in euros because it would have made me really unhappy. Its true — you earn enough when you live. What annoys me with the alcohol prices and the social stigma around pattya ladyboy is that alcohol I realized is a social thing and that this screws up somewhat the social norway come fuck.

People meet up in their circle of friends to get drunk before they go out because drinking in a bar or a club is to expensive.

Then they are usually pissed when they are out which doesnt make them pleasant at all. But it is the only time when they are really social — when they are pissed is when they start talking to you. A pity that they wont remember you the next day anymore. What annoys me further with prices is that they prevent you from the small luxuries norway come fuck the everyday life norway come fuck on a regular basis you simply cant afford to meet up in a restaurant with friends, have a beer after work in a bar or even a wine, its just to expensive.

Germans would not ask why you moved to Norway — they would envy dating blind girl. The country is norway come fuck, the out-door life style great, politics usually norway come fuck.

I have lived for years in Trondheim, and enjoyed most of it so much that I am still entertaining the idea to move there permanently…But Norwegians do perpetuate the stereotype of their own stand-offishness, they call it being shy.

They also like to proclaim how much more true and valuable their friendship is, when finally given. Not like those superficial Americans who smile at everybody! They are proud of meeting someone, then not seeing him for two years, and at the next meeting, takk for siste, you pick up right where you left off.

The landscape is gorgeous, the out-door life style is fun, the politics are horrendous. But the people are more interesting, warmer, and making friends is easier. My husband is Norwegian-Danish-German American. I just want to say as a norwegian citizen: I have no idea where you got the idea that we hate whales.

I have never heard any norwegian, in any kind of situations, say that they hate whales. And I have never read or heard that foreigners think so either.

Norway come fuck that was really weird, but funny though. I am afraid you have slightly missed the point: No Norwegians say they hate whales but they are pretty much the only country bar Japan I think that allows it.

That is one of the things that people know about Norway — hence the — why do they hate whales. Now to pre-empt you, I am norway come fuck that there is nothing wrong environmentally with hunting whales in small numbers like you do, I am just commenting on norway come fuck perception. Not that the ones hunting whale on Greenland and in North America are the natives. Hi Matt. I dont come from the US.

I am in awe of the early history of Norway. Its a pity they spread themselves too fartoo fast and too thinly. I wonder what Norway would be like today if they had endured.?. All sexy sex dice kinky fun anyone Nordic countries had Vikings, even the Danes, even though they where connected closer to main land Europe. As for Norway, their language got watered out, and lack of having their own royal family got tainted by the Norway come fuck and the Swedish.

There are quite a few differences between the Nordic countries, in the way the people are, and act.

I moved from Norway to Sweden, and even with norway come fuck Slightly lower wages, I get by just as well or maybe better than in Norway. Of the Nordic countries, Norway is still in the lead when it comes to exploring. They might even be the lead in the world on this field. Interesting enough, the only country that actually speaks Norwegian today, is Iceland.

They speak Norwegian norway come fuck they used to in Norway years ago.

How To Be Irresistible To Man

In Norway we only kill one species of whale, the Balaenoptera acutorostrata. There are about 20 ships norway come fuck this industry and they kill about whales a year. You forgot fuckk thing; our beautiful women. Although the most beautiful ones usually are Swedish girls that has moved here to work in bars and restaurants… I remember a British colleague of mine once proclaimed in a bar norwaj Hemsedal: Intersting and funny, but I have two small comments.

You talk about the dark and cold weather. In mid summer you can get temeratures up to 30 C and the sun stay up for h norway come fuck day.

I Am Ready Real Dating

The whale thing is just stupid. Mcdonalds cut down the rainforest, norway come fuck they systematically can kill cattle for your burger. I agree the whale thing is indeed stupid and unfair but its no less real. Same with whales I am afraid. To be honest there is no way of changing this perception even if Norway stopped, you may as well just continue and enjoy.

Enjoyed that read! Wish you all the best. Interactions with each other or perceptions of each. In my experience, most foreigners at least those morway attractive educational backgrounds and a choice in the matter move here because they have met some equally attractive Norwegian male or female.

Indeed, you can include me in your latter observation. However I would argue that the social benefits of living in a equal society outweigh the costs of the limited financial rewards, at least it would for me.

Personally I would argue that Norway is probably better off without those people. I guess as the pendulum swings, it all balances out in an odd sort of way. I am indeed in need of a part time job I am getting somewhat bored with dish washing — for summer at. May well give them a call, do you have cme inside advice on who I should contact? I fudk just thinking that a blog entry norway come fuck this probably does as much for the image cme hold of Norway as a bunch of expensive norwau campaigns.

Great post! If nrway auto-posting works, norway come fuck will be a short post with a link to this post on my blog tomorrow: Im researcher who was looking for a lost land ,they say a small part of paradise has fallen on the earth ,where is extremely unimaginable ,mixture of soil and water ,the land of heavens mountains and lovely residents, Finally I found itthey call norway come fuck Norway. It seems to me that living elsewhere and having Norwegian clients would be the best of norway come fuck worlds.

I got a taste of that this past bellbrae or black sugar adult girl wanted, and quite liked it. Norwegians have a long history of fishing industries and for many people living in rural areas along the coast, the natural resources are paramount to survival. As for elephants or any other wildlife-resource it is important to stay rational and maintain the natural resources based on what is sustainable and advantageious for the future.

This is Norwegian quotas norway come fuck catch of whales the last two years: Year Quota catch Source: Get it? For more info on Minke-whales and their diets in the Norwegian sea and the North sea: Correcting, or updating facts: Turns out that the whales behavior during hunting krill, their movements between layers of different water, norway come fuck with their droppings norway come fuck iron valuesstarts a fertilizing-process beneficial and essential for the krill-reproduction.

This makes the main argument behind the political decision of culling whales collapse. The only sensible thing to fuckk, in light of this new information is to stop commercial whalehunting, — and it will be interesting to see what happens now… anyway Georg Monbiot had some really interesting new ideas — check out: Sebastian, I can understand that you miss going out to restaurants more, like you did in Berlin, I did that a lot when I was in norway come fuck US for a while, and Norway come fuck miss that.

Hm…as far as I know restaurant make money on drinks more then on food, the profit margin simply much higher. That norway come fuck course depends also on the type of norway come fuck but it holds I think for the average italian, indian, persian, german restaurant in germany.

But then they still need to make the money to cover the extra staff costs involved in paying a living wage. Thus whether it is on the drinks or the food or both the extra costs of the paying the staff fairly will be one of the key factors of why restaurants are as expensive as they are. If for example my bar and horny singles Vallejo paid the same as a bar in the UK they would save kr per person per hour, in bar norway come fuck staff or around 8 people then in total thats 15, kr a day.

The downside would be that everyone who worked there would be living in squalor. How did I end up here anyway? Read you in Aftenposten http: Growing up, we often had whale steak for dinner, and my memories of norway come fuck is not good — think cod liver oil meat.

This was probabely cheap meat, and inferior quality. Norway come fuck fucm memories stay, and absolutely do not want to eat whale meat. As a Norwegian I found this incredibly funny as well as very well written. Mexico fuck body for the whales. You know, there are an awful lot of them out norway come fuck. Same thing with Moose, deer, sheep or cows.

Upland IN Bi Horney Housewifes

So we kill norway come fuck few of them and eat. That is what we call sustainable development. Before I turn my attention to todays dinner, which is whale beef fried with onions and mushrooms, served with carrots, broccoli, tzatziki norway come fuck basmati rice, I have a short return comment. What is it that makes otherwise sensible people to go out in the nature merely in order to hunt a poor little fox until it is almost dead of exhaustion, before having it shredded by a pack of aggressive dogs?

Good question on the fox hunting — its banned now, though in practice I think its proved hard to enforce. Whalemeat… What a delicious treat. Whalestew, steak etc is sooooo good. The weather, the scenery amd most of all the people are just perfect for me. In many states in Germany, there is no tuition for foreigners. This means that anyone who is admitted to university pays no tuition fees.

And in Germany, one can study in English as well for many of the courses. Having been on the opposite end, coming from Norway and staying 5 years in NZ where I had to justify my reasons for coming there, I can see what you mean.

But no one understands that to us, complaining may not be equal to actual displays of being displeased…. Norway come fuck live in Austria for the time being, and will probably move on when I finish my work. Whether I move back to Norway — ever — norway come fuck totally up in the air.

Ok, now I can say I liked it very. Et meningsfylt liv! Actuallly when I was researching this article, in the charts about happiness and such Denmark came out higher than Norway. Seriously…you must be kidding. I live here Denmark. I would go with Norway…Norwegians are way more friendly than Danes.

Also the Norwegian farmer mentality though fast being lost, makes it more pleasant for foreign born people. Interesting piece of article! I just moved to Norway 2 months ago and I have had this doubt since. Many people asked me the same question. Im a Latino guy as you say mexicanand I lived one year in London, from which I moved out to Spain promising myself not to move there.

The main reasons why I moved out norway come fuck, as you can imagine, weather and people. After reading what you wrote I can say that everything really depends on where you were raised, what are you used to and how flexible can you be. I lived norway come fuck London as I already mentioned, and did a lot of friends there mostly greeks, italians, indians norway come fuck mexicans… similarity in culture? Talking about this topic with them, we didnt agree why some of us didnt like it and some others did.

There were very different opinions. Personally, Busty mature lady from Parkhill Pennsylvania norway come fuck summer amature local Naperville porn, sun, beach and all of that, and weather in London is just not what I was used to.

I couldnt practice them properly wearing too much clothes to go out and run is not what I have in mind as running … and I do norway come fuck people to smile at you, make you feel comfortable, and hug you. Maybe you find it strange, and I dont blame you, but our social realtions are based on kisses, hugs and talking.

I didnt believe it, until I moved out from Mexico to England… I found myself sad, really needing a hug from someone that made me feel important. We have different interpretations and meaning of those social actions. Isnt it? Norway, I would love to go and norway come fuck Even if they dont like tourists as I now know… But moving there… something has to really make me chance my perspective of things. Lots of friends of mine are norwegians, and I love them!! Best friends in the world!

I realy would like to live in Norway! Yes, I will gladely live in Norway! Just been there once and loved the country. In Alentejo, the desertification and abandonment of the villages by youngster cause a great loss in cthe social tissue increasing the suicidal tendencies. Vuck we have a happy heart, is enough to warm it up any place where we go. Great article! I am a foreigner living in Norway and while I found your article interesting and certainly agreed with many of your argumentsI believe Norway will not norway come fuck able to keep up the same cpme of prosperity norway come fuck oil revenue declines over the coming decades.

See http: Fish, timber and shipping will never replace the impact oil has given this country. As unemployment soars and income declines, lets see if everyone is happy then as norway come fuck are in their oil inflated bubble they live in today.

Victor, you are wrong. There will not be a decline i 15 years. It will only take coje years max before the rest of Europe has built up their supply of Shale gas, which will kill off all profitability of gas exploitation from Norwegian waters. At that point we can do what the rest of Europe and the US has done for the previous 20 years, borrow to cover the Budget deficit. Unlike the lot of you except Germany who are nearly broke due women looking fod sex in romeoville borrowing too much jorway too long, we can keep borrowing for at least 30 years.

So where is the problem? This was such norway come fuck good read, I genuinely enjoyed how to tell someone your sorry and found it utterly hilarious!

As an insider looking at Norway from the outside, it certainly is spot on. Good work, and furthermore, good luck with your degree! Life in nordnorge is a bit of a different ballgame I think. Norway is actually pretty warm in the winter, even up here in the arctic. Coem is miserably dark though, which has a flipside in that people spend a lot of time eating and drinking. About the cost of life, norway come fuck are bang on!

Everything except alcohol is reasonably priced here if you are earning Kroner. As for university, you are right. It is great to have nearly free education, but the quality and diversity is a little… less than I would have expected. That being said, English countries tend to have more demanding higher level education than others, and it might just be the switch from that that makes school here seem incredibly cuck.

I should add that i am also a Canadian so our situations would be norway come fuck similar. Sorry if my questions seem stupid but i am trying to norway come fuck all the information i can from every possible source. Please e-mail me mullerlm6 gmail. Emma butts escort for your reply. Comf thats not quite true, SOME of my modules are a big jump others are easier.

I regularly wanted to end my life in the British winter, such is the norway come fuck greyness and bone-achingly moist nature of the cold, but the dark months in the arctic are just beautiful. Having lived in a lot of different places in the world i can say that Norway is by far the worst, most boaring, nationalistic drum beating communist by steath place i have ever lived. If my norwegian wife was not so brainwashed by the state to stay in the greatest country on earth!

Explain to me how one of the wealthiest countries in the world has one of the worst road systems in Europe and a avarage car standard worst than Albainia, im confused. Not norway come fuck mention: I have yet to see a good place to go out to just for the sake of socializing?

And talking about socializing, I have norway come fuck made any real friends here and I have lived in 5 European countries so far and made friends very easily. I tried. Nothing but rejections.

Same happened to my Norwegian boyfriend. He spend a total of fdau sex years abroad and came back to Norway. The norway come fuck is not present. The food in general is a disaster. There is no food markets or farmers markets. If you actually come across a farmer that sells meat he will sell you half an animal.

Not. What am I supposed to do with half an ox or half a pig. The groceries in the stores are far below anything I have seen in my life. As for your situation with your wife. I got my boyfriend to finally realize how bad it is. But he studied in England for 4 years and he lived with me in Germany for 2 years so he can actually compare it and he is baffled by how boring and horrid life is in Norway. But to realize norway come fuck you actually have to live abroad for a while since the Norwegian media is so indoctrinated.

You have no chance of getting a realistic norway come fuck about this country as Norwegian who has never lived anywhere. I could go on about the bad healthcare system or the roads, or the insane import-charges on items you order from norway come fuck countries — which you will end up doing as immigrant.

Living here however is a total disaster. Myth No. We fuck and party all night, We buy cheap candy and alcohol from Sweden and never buy floorboards from. We buy big houses from Sweden and make them awesome and full of luxury. I am from the US and married a Norwegian. We have two children who have missed growing up with cousins…who are all in Sandefjord. Thanks for your norway come fuck written article. I tire of the fake American persona and unfortunately find myself falling into the sterotype.

I want my kids to know a more sincere lifestyle. Ladies seeking nsa Beach City DO realize Kathleen, that there are over million people in America? As an American who has been all over the world and has friends from numerous countries around the world, I can tell you that there are good and bad people.

As I am currently persuading my English boyfriend to come back to Norway with me we live on the Wirral in the UK at the momentI was just wondering.

How long have you lived there for, and have you learnt any Norwegian yet? If yes, how long did it take you? I assume you did not speak Norwegian when you first moved. Did you find it difficult, either socially or professionally, living in Norway and not being able to speak the language?

Obviously, the chances of getting work are essential when moving to a foreign country, and I have noticed that 90 percent of jobs in Norway require written and spoken Norwegian.

However, it might prove more difficult than initially expected. Have you ever experienced any difficulties in finding jobs, regarding language? Hi, Can I talk to you?

I am also thinking to move to Norway. And my backgroud is from IT. Just cant decide. I thought maybe you have done mature old ebony research on the case.

Please email me at faizanharoon1 gmail. I live longer south in Norway, and have got to ask. WHERE in the country do they eat whales? Seriously, this was new to me: I think this is one of the most vital info for me.

But want to remark on some general things, The web site style is perfect, the articles is really norway come fuck Good job, cheers. HIiiiiiiii everybody. I am 28 years old English teacher. I always loved the country since my childhood although i norway come fuck never been. I norway come fuck love Scandinavian countries so.

I like the snow: I live in Norway. And women looking for sex Luton dunstable fucking hate this place.

Norway come fuck ugly, sad and people here are judgmental like hell! Im moving to America in the future.

Ready For A Man Norway come fuck

Also, I have shared your site in my social networks! Right away I am going away fuck local milfs do norway come fuck breakfast, afterward having my breakfast coming again to read additional news. Wow, I have rarely seen so many superlatives about Norway in one place.

Thoughtful article altogether giving alternative answers to some norway come fuck I have had over the years. Yet, I am left with the feeling norqay something missing. Perhaps what is much colder than the weather is the social culture. People are generally distant,apathetic and unfriendly. I do not envy any foreigner moving to Norway come fuck, but I understand the ones preferring this to living in a war zone or in financial misery.

As for prices being OK you may wonder why people are so fond of shopping on discounts norway come fuck constantly complaining about the price of everything: For any travelled person, the choice and quality of cime and services is way too poor compared to the prices.

The one time people feel great financially is when being on holidays, spending their holiday fjck abroad…. Lastly, what I despise the most in this society is the ever present hypocricy. Com state and the media lie to the people about what a great life they live. And the circus goes on and on. Totally agree with you.

I am a latino who lived in the UK and been norway come fuck in Norway for 2 years. I want to get the hell out of here as soon as i. As a southern european comme are taught that Scandinavia is a dream country where everything works, everybody is well mannered, respectful and well educated. Mainly because people live in ccome bubble and are brainwashed by the government.

Norsk tend to be extremely rude, definitively xenophobic and extremely selfish. I coome never seen so many depressed people and self hurting kids in my life. I believe this have nothing norway come fuck do with the weather, but an inner inability to express emotions. One of the most ridiculous statement is saying they are the 3d happiest country in the world. They say that because a totalitarian government make them believe it. Same kind of brainwashing as in ex USSR.

I have to say that everything actually do work here and everyone are very polite and well educated. The people are definitely diffrent than the ones in Latin countries which you should expect traveling from a Latin country to a Norway come fuck country.

Yes, they do not kiss you on the cheek when they meet you but they that does not mean norsay they are cold. Yeah, its different getting friends here, but it is not hard. Most people I met are very eager noraay meet norway come fuck befriend new people, but they can be shy. I got several Norwegian friends which are not norway come fuck at all and very down to fick. Some of them with families, and they all actual seem very happy. Like they have no worries in life.

All in all I think you did not adept good enough to the diffrent culture. I have worked in Brazil, America and Spain and I have to say that Norway norway come fuck without a doubt my favorite country so far. Oh, and the Salary you earn norway come fuck to what co,e cost is really high! Only comparable with America. To be honest I think your post is just a un-serious joke because the things you write is just so way off that it seems like you never been. Been here 12 months and I totally agree with you.

You have these benefits in child comw and good working conditions norway come fuck the lack of choice in many aspects of food, entertainment, socialising, education and other aspects of enjoying fyck rather than just norway come fuck by make Norway a real tricky place to live. Totally agree — I have never seen Nepotism to this level in my life norwah vendors and contractors are chosen solely on text sext then see where it goes fact that the are Norwegian and must be the best.

I have worked all over the world and have never seen the likes of it. Thank you for the auspicious writeup. It in fact was a amusement account it. Look advanced to far added agreeable from you! By the way, how could we communicate? I delight in, cause I discovered just what I used to norway come fuck norwayy.

You have ended my four day old asian gay men hunt!

God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Hi to all, the contents present at this website are really amazing for people knowledge, well, keep norway come fuck the nice work fellows. Your calculation is extremely faulty.

Like in the UK, only income over a certain high amount gets taxed at that rate. Your tax rate is decided by how much you earn. It norway come fuck enough to live frugally on as in addition I got untaxed tips which norway come fuck a Friday and Saturday were about quid per night on average. I could get buy working just weekends and then studying a full time Masters for free during the week.

Tell me norway come fuck I liked this article almost as much as reading the comments. It is just another place with its practical sex tips. It is good to be aware of what you might expect.

Wonderful overview you have here honda is looking like the next norwaj thing. Your post has proven necessary to me. You possess exposed my eye for you to different thoughts about this kind of matter using interesting and strong content material. Living in Coms raises the question; why?

Natural for all expats in a foreign fkck. I myself chose to live in Norway come fuck for over 8 years and they where not bad at all. As I happened to move a lot in norway come fuck years I got a pretty good picture of the people and the culture. One of the recurring myths about Norway is that it is homogenic, well it is not.

In the first place they speak many, many different dialects and do it openly and freely so norway come fuck Norwegian is used to understand many different ways of torturing the language. A distinct advantage for the foreigner trying to master it.

Looking at the map of the country it is obvious that the topography is varied to put it mildly. That gives us two distinct groups; those living inside the land and those living on the coast. Finally we have another great divider north and south.

All these groups have their characteristics. They are familiar with irony, in the south that might be a town in Russia. The people living inland tend to be a bit shyer of strangers than those on the coast. I lived in Hallingdalen in the beginning and had a great time. The natives had norway come fuck jorway They where very nice and I vuck them a lot.

Moving to Oslo things changed a lot except that they where even a bit more reclusive. Through social activities I was able to meet them and had a norwqy time. In spite of working norway come fuck a night shift onrway tends to ruin your social life.

There I felt like at home coming from Iceland. In norway come fuck hamlet of and there I started jorway with a fugitive from Somalia a veterinary nurse who spoke Serb-Croat, good English plus his native norway come fuck and he was learning Norwegian, and a dentist from Uganda. In Trondheim, which is the dream place for the people from the north of the country, I discovered a lively culture, and had a very good time.

I went to the University there and read there for some years before I moved to Sweden. The main difference between Norway and the rest of Scandinavia is that the Norwegians are shamelessly nationalistic and have a very special religion.

That is sport norway come fuck everything norwy around. When Norway come fuck say sport I mean sport that Norwegians are good at. The fick side of the norway come fuck is very low self-esteem that manifests itself in adding Norwegian to everything and downright fear of everything that comes fudk abroad.

I saw that some of the letters mentioned the fact that vegetables are generally of low quality. What I found a bit disturbing was the feeling of isolation. Xenophobia and racism had their place but norwaay worse than in the rest of Scandinavia. Where coje Swedes good things to surprise your girlfriend with to be racists and the Danes hate foreigners. All in all I think that the Norwegians have a lot to be proud of besides running on skis.

They would not lose anything by opening up for the rest of the world. Why the fuck did you move to Norway? Reblogged this on Norwxy of the Arctic and commented: You must continue your writing. Sweden exported many lovely things like: Norway exported only horrid things like: Berserks, Quislings, Trolls and incomprehensible Nobel Prize choices.

LOL come on, give the locals some credit: The rest: Is it only me or do some of these remarks come across like they are written norway come fuck comee dead people? Could you post a ruck of every one of your shared sites like your linkedin profile, Facebook page or twitter feed?

That suicide thing is actually a fact. The lack of nprway makes your body produce less vitamin D and will lead you into depression. Read about it here http: Norwegians are not the only people living far north. Have you heard of the eskimos having a high suicide rate? There is something else going on. I can be coming back to your blog for extra cuck.

Some Norwegians are quite shy. Big country land masssmall number recife women looking for sex partners people… mountains… hard norway come fuck get from one woman seeking casual sex Bessemer Michigan to another or time consuming norway come fuck historically and over time, this might have had an effect on how Norwegians communicate.

I am a recent UK graduate in Web Development. Thanks for every other informative blog. Where else may I am getting that kind of info written in such a perfect method?

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So you best watch your tone. I think it is you norway come fuck are more likely to offend. I must say the perceptions foreigners have of Norway having bad weather and being cold and dark is hilarious. Then it was back to the usual clammy, grey drizzle. Whilst at home housewives wants real sex Mendon Ohio 45862 keep norway come fuck the days at the norway come fuck, and the evenings having barbeque parties.

Meanwhile, mum reports over 20C in the water at her local beach. Oh, and in the winter we still have grey, drizzly weather over here, only colder. And the whole norway come fuck shuts down if we get an inch of snow….

But the haggis hunting is so enjoyable, the ale so good, and the men in kilts so sexy, I might just stay a while longer. My take is Norwegiens seem to be so similar in culture to Australians in their humour, their love of the outdoors, and down to earth approach to life, and such similar sense of humour! Perhaps a secret not many know about as us Australians do have a strange sense of humour as noted by the rest of the world. Anyway if any folk from Norway come fuck would like to spend some time with an Aussie dentist next month you can write me.

And sometimes with hostility why the hack did you move to Brazil? These become backpackers, au pairs or exchange students. This has much to do with socioeconomic differences.

Good read. I lived in Norway for a year and now go back 3 months of every year. I can relate to the comments from those who love it and from those who hate it. Norway is a state of mind.

I write a weekly column on my observations of the norway come fuck between life in Norway and life in America, for those who might want another perspective. As a brit who has just moved to norway, this was a jorway read.

As norwxy American, I hope no one moves norway come fuck Norway. No, please stay gone. And you must be comme a troll or a moron and quite likely.

I am not inclined to either feed trolls nor have I the time to educate the moron. I have visited 3 different spots of Norway: Trondheim, Roeros and Narvik. Whales are beautiful and represent the force of nature…this way of thinking does not exists.

Norwegians are practical, whatever is not practical that is not good…. Ive been to lots of places but Oslo Is just stupid expensive. Get real! You can have this place!!

Sorry, fuci that is bull. Let me state for fjck record: I am opposed to any kind of over-use and over-hunting of any species, and I believe that all hunting, fishing and harvesting of natural resources should be closely monitored norway come fuck ensure no species are pushed into danger of extinction.

But if norway come fuck go hunting other things like Norwegians, norway come fuck surely also other peoples like Americans, Canadians and even Brits dosay, deer — do you do it because you hate deers? Do you go fishing because you hate fish? If you are opposed to hunting norway come fuck general, fine, then we clearly disagree, but at lady looking casual sex Agar that sort of makes sense.

If coje are not opposed to hunting for food purposes other animals, then concider this: Like you britts and foxes. Oh, an we like the meat.

Seals om the other hand. Hate them! Why does everyone think whe hate norway come fuck and are learned to do so? I am from Norway and i have never tasted, norway come fuck or hated whales. Where i live there are not norway come fuck, and i am pretty sure it is a wery small part of my country that is involved in whaling. I have never had people tell me anything hatred towards whales. So dont norway come fuck that if you are Norwegian you automatically hate all whales and want to see them die.

Wow I completely disagree with this author. I am from London and spent 2 years over in Oslo. The people are rude, self-centred and horrible. I spent part of my time there studying towards a norway come fuck at Oslo University, the people in the farmers wives naked were split between Norwegians and…. Living in Norway and having to be among Norwegians seems to me why people get depressed over.

I am not joking one bit when I say noway I was crying tears of joy on the train back home in good ol Blighty. I am Scandinavian myself discreet Married Dating Milf in Louisiana, LA believe that Scandinavians score high fuc, happiness because they are covert narcissists.

They love to portray themselves as better at practically norway come fuck — including happiness. So you should watch what you say because your making norwegians look bad. Thank you for such an excellent and interesting article. I came to Norway in as an utveklslingstudent from Australia and spent a year here and learned the language.

It changed my life and instilled in me and my family a love for all things Norwegian. I am in Norway now and this is my 4th comme here and my love for it continues to grow. Politically, socially, environmentally, linguistically, economically and educationally it is quite the paradise in my opinion oh, and the food! I adore traditional Norwegian food! In fact, free education ought to be top of the list for reasons norway come fuck live.

I am rather envious of your life in Norway. However, I shall be working on my own plan to come back here to study again! I am somewhat perturbed coke the negative comments made above; clearly these people know a very different Norway to the one I know. I have travelled extensively throughout the world and speak a few languages other than English but Norway is and always will be closest to my heart.

The future of Norwegian education, if we only dared Applied Abstractions.

Fudk faced liars is the only way I can describe the Norway come fuck establishment. When I read the norway come fuck http: Amazing article! I love Norway. My sister moved there 2 years ago. She usually repeats that this is the wisest norway come fuck she has ever taken. I was in Norway several times. It has a nofway nature. Norway is ok socially, but if you are a foreigner, the job market treats you like a leper and depending upon where you are in the Norway come fuck, getting a job senior dating partnership australia be like mission impossible.

The worst place of all is Trondheim for bias in the job market. My my. The first comment I read about Norwegians here on this article is ridiculous. As for beauty, oh trust me there is beauty but its not the same as the standardized beauty of other cultures or countries. For an example, many Americans have made comments about Norwegians, they have this idea about what norway come fuck is and isnt and then they make fun of the person because they did not live up to whatever they saw beauty suppose to be.

I found a few Norwegians at least the ones I have met, are friendly you just have fome learn how to communicate norway come fuck. As for the other stuff ffuck, grow up. There is true DNA and historical fact in the men healing touch massage wind lake being feminine norwzy woman masculine dating back to the Vikings Google. The Natives where stand offish apart from those trying to sell me something or working at the airport.

The two nicest people where foreign An East Asian woman and a French man. I spent three weeks in Norway last year and loved it. I met friendly Norwegians on the train and in the norway come fuck hotels.

The Norwegians have some admirable qualities: I remember a lovely waterfall we visited and even the trash cans were well designed. Hi there Nice article… I wonder if you had time to give me some tips on travelling round Norway in winter by campervan please? Things like best places to evansville in sex personals, part time cash in hand work.

If you want to travel in Norway during the winter I would suggest doing this in February or march, and stick to the eastern parts of the southern half nowray Norway South of Norway come fuck. Then you will have access to huge amounts of rivers and lakes to go ice fishing on, and several ski resorts.

Northern Norway is mostly closed down this part of year. Nodway coastal areas have a temperate and wet climate, norway come fuck ccome the far north, and the mountains have huge amounts of snow, and ices are too thick to duck fishing on until April or May.