About sharing All over the world it's the same - a woman driving a lorry gets funny looks and has to listen to unfunny jokes. It's a career women are not expected to choose, it seems, and often one they don't even consider.

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It's also working with US firms to improve truck de and install alarm systems which turn the lights on or blast the horn if anyone tries to break in. People think of it as quite a dirty job, and in a way it is, but you can get out and about saskatpon see nature in a way that you never can in an office. The art, more experimental.

If this situation was vastly improved, then more women would feel it a safer, cleaner saskatpon to work in. In fact, she says, they are as strong as any of the men.

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I am good at my job which gives me job satisfaction and I get to see the country and meet lots of different people. They treated me with respect and helped me as they would another fellow driver. saskatooh

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I applied to work for a big local company, filled out application handed it in to the transport manager of the company only to find out that it went straight into office bin The movie screen constantly going by and driving into the peacefulness of the night. But it had its fun side too. First she worked as a car driving instructor, then progressed to vans and passed the test in Islamabad this summer for the largest lorries, at the age of Natalie, Jenny and Shamim came to trucking for different reasons.

They usually get looks from people like, 'Wow I didn't know women could drive trucks, I didn't know women did drive trucks. Putting all that aside I did get a job, and after a few months I proved myself to my fellow drivers who I gave respect to and got it back in abundance Ellen's association advises women drivers not to park at the back of the parking lot, and not to walk between trucks, to reduce the risk of harassment.

Drivers are home a lot escorr often, and they don't have to unload their trucks - it's just dropping their trailer and hooking up another one and taking off again. They just assume that because they are female they won't have those skills or they won't be able to learn them as fast as a man. We have earned the respect in this job and we can do it just as well as any other man.

As I do them.

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It is a wonderful feeling to know that I have earned their respect. I am a not a tomboy but I am also not a girly girl, my hair is done and my nails are always done we are breaking the stereotypical mould and people don't like it, but does it look like we care? There is so much more to say but I must - get on down the road. Natalie, for her part, took up lorry driving after a year out of work, with encouragement from her mother, who at the time ran a small lorry-driving business.

The ones that have an issue, I just carryon about my business.

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That's just how men are so They were always trying to take over loading my wagon or roping it for me because they didn't believe I could manage. If she wants to she can do something else. The one comment I ever responded to was "have you just driven that here?

I love my job, wouldn't want to do anything else. The Universal Sadness Issue.

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They could weigh up to 50kg each. Currently 45, drivers are needed in the UK, and a similar in the US.

Companies often tell her, she adds, that women drivers are "so much better with the customers and the paperwork and the equipment". Mandy Travers, Newport: I have been driving class 1 for over 25 years Lucy Rose Hewson, Petersfield, Hampshire: I tramp up and down the country all week every week, I leave home on a Sunday and get home on a Friday, I never know where I'll be, as the saying goes "home is where you park it".

I know women truckers from all over the world and even though we still have to 'prove ourselves' I can recommend this career to any woman.

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Just because you're in such a male-orientated environment and because there is quite a lot of banter," says Natalie. You have to be quite ballsy as well. I have been driving fromfirst in Finland and now in Canada. These are problems that there will soon be an urgent need to resolve, because it seems unlikely that men alone will be able to make up for a serious shortage of drivers.