Hitler was tightening the noose around Britain. In the Atlantic, German U-boats were decimating Allied convoys, threatening to cut off Britain's only lifeline. But Churchill had a secret weapon, the strangest military establishment in the world. Crossword fanatics, chess champions, mathematicians, students and professors, Americans and British, all came here with one common aim: to unlock the secrets of the Enigma, a machine that escortt Germany's war plans in seemingly unbreakable code. If Enigma could be penetrated, everything Hitler plotted would be known in advance.

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When there was a lot of excitement, the wires would be absolutely humming with Morse, they'd be transmitting all over the place. I took plish the drawings and plans and all the information about Colossus on paper and put it in the boiler fire, saw it burn.

WILLIAM BUNDY: I remember vividly, a group of us were convened in a room there, and the moment we came in they were told, "What you're going to hear today is something you will not discuss, and it means that you will never be put where you can be captured by the enemy. A new German general was making a name for himself with his aggressive attacks on the British: Erwin Rommel. Every day the skies are full of German radio als.

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However, since the new ambulance was required elsewhere, on this occasion the old one had to suffice instead. Simpson, she reed due to her impending marriage. By the end of the war, they had handled at least 63 million characters of high level code between Hitler and his generals.

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Bletchley Park called this gardening. On April 2nd the schools then reopened at 9a. The biggest machine ever at that time had valves in it, so this was an enormous leap into the dark, but Flowers was convinced he could make it work - nobody else was but he was - and so he started more or less off his own bat. Yet the school day would perhaps seem longer for the many children who had to travel from the outlying villages, being conveyed back and forth in some eight or nine school coaches.

The roundup began on June 25th, and to help solve the problem of providing suitable accommodation facilities would be used on the Isle of Man where, during World War One, wooden huts erected at Knockaloe had been used as an internment camp. With the ceremony taking place at Holy Trinity Church, Wolverton, which was the home town of his brideanother cause for celebration then occurred at the end of the month with the marriage of Mr.

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Armed with this knowledge, the Admiralty could reroute the convoy and set up a counter attack. I said, "Oh lovely," you know, and went to bed. By now there were 59 A. By May, in conjunction with the County Council a comprehensive scheme for road repair, rescue and demolition had been organised for the north of the county. It was heading for England laden with supplies, and the codebreakers discovered that a wolf pack of 10 U-boats was lying in wait.

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If successful, they could then work out the Enigma settings for the next 24 hours. To prevent this, each message had its own secret rotor setting, chosen by the operator. Bletchley Park's code name was Station X. The U.

There were five of us, and we took the test, and polush sergeant graded them, and he came running up, he says, "Holy mackerel. The instruction sheets for each day told the German operator how to set up his Enigma. Once the issue of rations was complete they would then march the children off to their zone where assistants, each ib charge of a street or streets, would be handed the billeting books before taking the evacuees to their new homes.

On December 4th Mr. Bonham, a Certificated Assistant from Newton Longville, commenced her duties at 9a. Then came a discouraging setback.

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Cook and Miss E. Arriving at Bletchley on September 26th,he subsequently lodged with the local headmaster, Mr. The tensions of war were now beginning to heighten. The whole of this maze of wiring inside changed every time a letter was entered and that's what gave the Enigma machine its vast complexity.

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Only a completely new approach to codebreaking could help to penetrate its secrets. By now the codebreakers were not merely learning about the Enigma, but about the whole system of war communication. Jones would take charge.

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Then came an amazing stroke of luck. The Allies prepared an elaborate deception. Consequently it would be necessary to supply double mattresses, single mattresses, double blankets and single blankets, and in a conclusion of the exercise a letter of thanks would be sent to each enumerator.

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It was a huge gamble. Ounsworth, Mr. It lay against my chest and that's how I swam for half an hour. Taylor and Mr. Commanded by Colonel F.

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Bletchley provision traders had been asked to carry as large a stock as possible, this being a preliminary to the anticipated arrival of evacuees in the town, and at the end of Yirls Mr. Hitler's troops were split between Normandy and Calais and were unable to counter the onslaught.

Together they would take on the challenge of the fourth rotor. Critchley, as the Medical Officer, was granted firls days leave for military training. There were other great men in Bletchley Park, but in the long, long hall of history, I think Turing's name will probably be the one in terms of consequence for mankind.

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DONALD MICHIE: The Lorenz machine transmits a string of letters, each one of which is actually a mix of the real letter of the real message and a piece of machine crafted gobbledygook, birls machine being of diabolically complex craftiness. McLeod replied that in escprt to her request for an agreement and money, no answer had as yet been received.

One of the codebreakers trying to break in to the Italian messages was year-old Mavis Lever.