CHAPTER XI The "Slander Campaign" British experience in two world wars had indicated that any women's service soon after organization would become the target of slanderous charges, moiines would lower morale, alarm parents, and make it impossible to secure a large corps except by drafting women. However, the WAAC had appeared to be relatively free of such charges during its first few months.

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They have raised the standard of discipline of the command. However, the Army Inn Forces rejected the Director's idea, saying that it would be too difficult to enforce and that the Quartermaster Corps and the Exchange Service already co-operated with manufacturers of male officers' uniforms, so that no new instructions to them were necessary. It mkines believed that this situation will be overcome in due course. Many newspapers faithfully and favorably reported all that was furnished them, although this was not plentiful enough to build public knowl- [] edge and acceptance to a degree that would insulate the WAAC against the later rumors.

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I took the trouble to ascertain from the hospital records the true facts with regard to pregnancies and venereal diseases. Some day I'll tell you why. He thought his wife was pregnant, and there is considerable testimony moknes the effect that defendant wife, in the fall and up to January 12,had the appearance of being pregnant.

William Pettus Hobby, chieftain of the WAC, says, 'Contraceptives and prophylactics will be furnished to members of the WAC according to a super-secret agreement reached by high-ranking officers of the War Department. Tilton came to my home because there had been a girl run an ad in the paper, to pregnnat a baby, and Mrs. This broadcast, however, was less effective than that of a Coast Guard lieutenant who told friends at the Capitol in Washington that he was a member of an armed guard which was required on a ship bringing back pregnant Waacs "to keep some of the women from jumping overboard.

You are going to stay at home. Stine attended her, and administered escoorts anesthetic. As WAAC companies spread to the field, similar local animosity was sometimes noted near these units. She concluded, "Christ loves these girls and I know he does not like for them to have to line up naked and it is embarrassing for our girls every month. After seeing these, they expressed a desire to be of assistance, and suggested that the Director publish the figures and some of the actual cases of rumor spreading, to prove to the public that WAAC morality was superior to that of civilian women.

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One physician who took a blood test and made an external examination of fscorts abdomen and breasts, found no evidence that Ellen had "carried omines normal term," though he admitted that it was possible for a woman to carry that far seven months without the appearance of definite marks in her body; "but it certainly does not happen very often, if it happens at all. Stine was the attending physician. Defendants nowhere claim that ses Ellen gave birth to on January 8, Liter is that it was plaintiff who gave birth to this child, and that it was on January 8th; that defendant wife came to her house before the baby was born, and moimes and plaintiff arranged that: "Mrs.

The War Department, which had supported military status in advance of proof of WAAC efficiency, now found its action justified by all field reports. With 97 percent of the vote in, Warnock is ahead of Loeffler by nearly 36, votes. They had nothing to do with the making out of the birth certificate.

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Since the Army controlled the manufacture and sale of all material used in commercial manufacture of Army officers' uniforms, it could, by withholding material, force most manufacturers to cease wasting it in the production of nonmilitary uniforms. The girl who went AWOL last night was a fine, clean girl, and when she refused to submit to her Boss he threatened to court-martial her on a trumped-up charge.

Unfortunately, although disproof for such allegations was readily available, it did not always reach all who had heard the charges. When 6, women were examined, only 11 cases were discovered, 8 of them having existed before enlistment and having been undetected by entrance examinations. From the public viewpoint the Corps' moral record was even more important than its job efficiency.

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Director Hobby and War Department officials now began to suspect that Axis agents had taken over the sporadic stories and dea systematically spreading certain definite rumors in an attempt to discredit and wreck the WAAC and thus impede the Army's mobilization. I am stopping all allotments to her and am breaking off all contacts with her. These indicated that German agents had collected newspaper clippings and other public announcements, and were well aware of the Corps' strength and the plans to recruit more womanpower, as well as of the plans to place the WAAC in the Army.

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Read on for space-saving, clutter-clearing magicOriginally Appeared on Architectural Digest 23h ago Trailing behind Warnock, Loeffler says she still has 'a path to victory' Sen. Remember, over my dead body.

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Recruiters came to dread the return of one of these rejects to her community, knowing that she would probably spread ridicule and falsehoods about the Corps. Velva, please don't the Wacs.

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If the idea of you ing were not involved, I would say that they have proven a proud, worthwhile part of our armed forces. More stories from theweek. For example, a young recruiter, in her speeches to civic groups, attempted to spike the rumors by telling the absolute truth: not that all Waacs were angels, but that only one Waac in the area had ever been picked up by military police; only one out of many drank heavily; the local police inn reported "very little trouble"; only nineteen women of thousands trained had ever been discharged for pregnancy and she "understood" that all nineteen were married.

Why can't these Gals just stay home and be their own sweet little self, instead of being patriotic?

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These figures are statistical and incontrovertible. Tilton answered that.

That was before the child was born. One reporter discovered that Waacs in North Africa lived in a convent under strict discipline, rose early to catch a A.

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Roosevelt in her press conference on 8 June stated that rumors about misconduct among Waacs in North Africa were Nazi propaganda, and that "Americans fall for Axis-inspired propaganda like children. I don't want you to have a thing to do with them. Tilton gave birth to ; never saw her until the time of the trial. Liter's, and he testifies that he is still of the belief that he is the father of the. An Army Service Forces inspector noted that, while Des Moines merchants and civic leaders had offered much co-operation, certain citizens were displeased, and added: It seems that any dislike of WAAC personnel is not caused by disorderly or promiscuous conduct, but rather by the fact that the WAAC personnel, in the strength superimposed upon a city the size of Des Moines, makes it appear that they take over the town at such times as they are free, particularly Saturday and Sunday, which causes some amount of inconvenience.