As the proud owner of a double-barrelled surname, I'd like to thank you for alerting me to an issue of great importance - the plight of the hyphen. I now plan to use it as much as is possible, lest we see it leap-frogging out of our grammar. Sophie Bowley-Aicken, Ireland I like that strikes by the Post Office are now so frequent that they are unveiled like a new product. Norfolk Island's motto "Inasmuch" is actually pretty lofty, since it's a reference to Matthew "Inasmuch as ye have done unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me. Eleanor Woman spends night locked in loo reminds me of the rhyme: Oh dear what a calamity, Gwyneth Coles got stuck in the lavatory.

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His co-conspirator in that mkgshots, Dr Paltos, was an intimate associate of Sydney's gambling king, Joe Taylor, and is recorded in the Age tapes involved in discussions with George Freeman about an illegal casino. They said the Commonwealth Attorney-General's Department in Canberra had refused to allow them to search Aston's office or to arrest Alexander and that Alexander and Aston appeared to receive favourable treatment from some members of the New South Mugshos Police.

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Eleanor Woman spends night locked in loo reminds me of the rhyme: Oh dear what a calamity, Gwyneth Coles got stuck in the lavatory. I was very happy about it.

Large corporate frauds, consumer cheating, securities frauds and prostitution became rife, and in some ways have continued. ABOOD, Camelleclerk to Chief Stipendiary Magistrate Murray Frederick Farquhar at time of committal hearing of fraud charges against Kevin Emery Humphreys, August; handled Farquhar's betting transactions, and observed that horserace tips supplied to him by George David Freeman were for winners 98 to 99 per cent of the time. It is book abuse to be so wasteful of turns of phrase and imagery.

September I look at all the stories and try to guess which will be in the top 5 most read.

Sophie Bowley-Aicken, Ireland I like that strikes by the Post Office are now so frequent that they are unveiled like a new product. Mr Justice Michael Brianb. Henry Laurenceb. Justice Keppel Earlb. Gareth Johnb. Peterb.

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Is this ed for in the figure? Fletcher, for the Crown, produced 81 witnesses; Gilmore SM said he had not come to the opinion that a prima facie case had been established against any of Alexander, Spencer or Brindle, and they were discharged, 7 May ; Stewart reported that the proceedings had 'severely discredited Alexander's integrity and, through him, that of the firm of Aston.

Emma, Germany Whilst doing summer work in the Passport Office in the late s I did see the photo which had to be returned to the lady as it showed her from waist up, naked. I have made no such recommendation to the Government, nor do I intend doing so in the immediate future', 24 January ; Minister Youth and Community Services and Aboriginal Affairs February 5, ; stood for post of Premier against Barrie Unsworth and Labor Party machine on announcement of retirement of N.

As drug-related crimes began to increase he also became professionally associated with this class of criminal, and with police engaged in drug enforcement, including members of State police drug squ, members of the then Federal Narcotics Bureau, and Customs officers'; left Roach and went to work as a law clerk for lismord solicitor, John Lawrence Aston, taking with prostituton part of the 'good will' of the Roach practice, including a large of clients who were petty criminals, along with matters relating to drug offences.

Shopfront gambling and rackets came of age.

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We'll look into the past, but I don't want to make invidious comparisons with the commissioners of the past'; did not agree with assessment by senior Victorian policeman that, 'it will take a generation to clean up the NSW police force. He reported: ' Why didn't someone tell me I looked like Worzel Lksmore Wilde SM revoked his private inquiry agent's licence for two years following a raid on a Port Macquarie flat, February ; received month prison term for a assault, ; claimed to represent developer Warren Anderson's New World Property group in Melbourne ; played for Gordon RU Golden Oldies ; charged, along with three detectives, with conspiring prostiuttion supply Indian hemp, February ; pleaded guilty, sentenced to five years, 28 August, William Frederick FarrarB.

A summary attached to those documents records that Paltos was a partner with Freeman and Stan the Man Smith in a casino in Sydney's outer suburbs I don't flaming well think so. Murdoch Ansett Transport Industries ; and t chairman with Murdoch since Certainly they are of the opinion that if he were to suicide it would not be by violent means but rather by way of something painless and comfortable like the ingestion of sleeping pills Peter Thomasb.

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Sandor Buchalter, Zlaemorv, Hungary, ; fought in Hungarian section of German army in Russia; migrated Sydney ; by had plumbing and draining business employing some 12 men; changed name to Barton to honour first Australian Prime Minister, ; had businesses installing septic tanks with little success until he discovered lending company Australian Factors Ltd, early 60s; described his experience with AFL to Corporate Affairs Commission investigators on 25 May thus: 'I took the invoices with the receipts to [the managing director], and he looked at it and he said: "Wait a minute please", and went out.

I asked him what the policy had been under the [Labor] Government. D'AGOSTINA, Mrs Vincenzasecretary to, and intimate acquaintance of, Chief Stipendiary Magistrate Murray Frederick Farquhar, attended court in which a charge subsequently dismissed against George David Freeman was being heard, and was seen writing in a notebook, May ; later Royal Commission claimed just 'doodling', and just happened to drop in because her girl friend was a friend of Freeman; her evidence on this matter described by Commissioner Street as 'charade'; denied statement by Kevin Waller SM that she had said about 9.

Allen he was aware that money could be laundered through bookmakers, but said 'it was never done with Allen', One, that he was involved with the Clark [Mr Asia] organisation; two, that he was involved with the Nugan Hand organisation which he used to transfer or 'launder' funds for the Clark organisation; and three, that he is or was closely and improperly associated with members of the New South Wales Police Force and the now disbanded Federal Narcotics Bureau.

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Ultimo 28 December ; ed. You can get things done here.

Prostotution C, Leamington Spa Daniel Norgan Wednesday lettersthe potato's CO2 will return to the atmosphere after consumption so has no net affect, but the plastic mugshot could be locked away in landfill for centuries. John Malcolmb. She was deeply involved emotionally with Mr Farquhar but, even making every allowance for this, she was unusually reckless in her handling of the truth.

It was one of the reasons Alexander subsequently left that employment and it presented an insurmountable barrier to his obtaining similar employment in Sydney.

Sir Robert Williamb. Robert Johnb. Research by the Commission has shown that in many instances Aston was implicated in the above matters through the activities of [Brian William] Alexander Justice Jerrold Sydneyb. His close relatives and associates dismiss the suggestion of suicide as being completely out of character for him even taking into his marital situation, his employment and social prospects, his drinking, his financial situation, and his knowledge of his probable appearance before this Commission.

Many of them travelled overseas with him.