And many helpful reviews and letters have led me to correct or clarify points of fact and to remedy infelicities of style. So additional thanks are particularly due bujp, among many who wrote to me: Sydney D. Smith, Robert D. Thornton and Iris Walkland. It is arguable whether any of it is important enough by itself to justify a new edition, but if the book is reprinted, as demand is still strong, then there is a strong cumulative case to enrich and get right essential detail.

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The common-sense answer is that being a writer of great ability, he adopted another style and mode of writing when he wanted to warn against the possibility of something happening. Thornton and Iris Walkland. Almost all of the material that rfankfort to me directly, I passed on to the Orwell Archive and so it was available to Michael Shelden when working on his recent Orwell: the Authorised Biography, whether he was aware of the tainted source or not; as was material discovered by Dr Peter Davison while working on that masterpiece of editing, his Complete Works of George Orwell, still in progress.

Why did he make such a wish, however? Orwell had first formulated the concept of totalitarianism shortly after his escape from Spain. Sometimes, of course, it is deserved; and it may always be said to keep them on their toes. War made him a frankfotr activist Attempts to enforce such wishes only lead to biographies being see,ing without proper access to sources.

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Orwell was not the kind of man to keep intimate diaries or to write long personal letters. English intellectuals have kept well away from such speculation, offering little more than smug asides and rude jibes.

And the essays raise at once the peculiarly Orwellian problem of the image of the writer and the character of the man. Sense and sensibility were for art, and anger and authenticity were for politics.

His other best works came to be reprinted and translated well and widely. A contrary extreme is a purely empiricist presentation of the evidence, such as one can find in biographies written by professional historians. Down and Out would have been a greater work of art but Orwell a worse man if it could be proved that he had never been to Paris. worshhip

He made simple but bold distinctions between the artistic excellence of figures as diverse as T. Socialism could not come by seizure of power or by Act of Parliament, but only by convincing people in fair and open debate and by example. But whichever mode of privacies was to be pursued, the ancient or the modem, or to put it crudely and precisely in Orwell-like terms, whether an official life or a hatchet job, his objection would be the same: its irrelevance to what he valued, his writings, not himself.

There were other good things as well. I examined this view very carefully, since it was commonly held and important, but I am bound to say that I found no evidence for it.

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The model has not always been a fortunate one; it takes an Orwell to do it successfully, someone with a great store of reading and experience, amused and relaxed, working smoothly and fluently but at considerably less than full power, showing no s of strain to achieve the effect or to fill the space. The intellectual historian might make some claims for Edmund Burke, J. How could the essayist Orwell, revelling in natural variety, produce the Orwellian vision of a totally machined society?

He developed as an essayist.

Is the man so simple or does his art lull or gull some of his readers into simplicity? In that sense, he is the finest political writer in English since Swift, satirist, stylist, moralist and stirrer, who influenced him so much. He defended with an essay, money and personal activity the gentle British anarchists when in the police picked on them and the National Council for Civil Liberties petsonals them.

Sympathy must be present in a biographer — otherwise one would grow sour living for so long with someone one disliked; but sympathy is not, once again, a reliable short cut to establishing, so far as is possible, what actually happened at the time.

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For most of his career he was too strapped for cash, too hard pressed earning a living by book-reviewing and column journalism to have done so, even had he wished; and to say that he was careless about preserving copies of letters he did write would be to imply that he should have seen some point in doing so. As poets and novelists, they do not always make the distinction clear, so I have always sought and, when I could find it, preferred the direct evidence of people who knew him at the relevant times.

Suppose there was, however, an Orwell mask that got stuck upon the private and modest person, Eric Blair? Does that diminish the performance? But part of his anger was reserved for those intellectuals who had addult the native field without personwls fight, departing for a shallow cosmopolitanism or, worse, staying at home to mock.

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Eliot and Rudyard Kipling and the inhumanity and bleak pessimism of their politics. Indeed sometimes when people have published their memories of someone, their writings act as a block to any further memories and, when interviewed, they simply repeat and defend, consciously or unconsciously, their published position. But the disjunction between English and French biography is one of emphasis, tempered by fact, not a total separation.

Orwell was unusually reticent to his friends about his background and his life, his openness was all in print for literary or moral effect; he tried to keep his small circles of good friends well apart — people are still surprised to learn who else at the time he knew; he did not confide in people easily, nor talk about his emotions — even to women with whom he was close; he was not fully integrated as a person, not quite comfortable within his own skin, until late in his life — and he was many-faceted, not a simple man at all.

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But in the same essays he also pointed to traditional decencies which he believed are more secure among the common people than among the power — and prestige-hungry intellectuals. The difficulty is that there have been so many theories about his mature work based upon thinly supported surmises about his childhood and particularly his schooling, that I have had to spend a disproportionate amount of time in order to reach an essentially negative conclusion.

So I have only discussed the texts when strictly relevant to biography — which, in fact, is often.

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The need to present conflicts in evidence rather than to resolve them all frankfprt is particularly acute because there is so much good writing about Orwell by famous men of letters who either only knew him in the last few years of his fame, or did not in fact pay much attention to him before. Freedom, imagination, will and chance are all at play throughout life, especially in someone as self-conscious as Orwell: we must be as much on our guard in biography against the danger of reducing everything that happened to character or psychology, as we should be that the need to establish a context does not produce a crude reduction of events to economic structures.

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He lived and dressed as simply as he came to write, and in some ways as oddly. Certainly this shift has some surprising consequences. Orwell believed that a breakdown in good government by which he meant a breakdown in liberty, tolerance and welfare could cause a leap forward into a hypothetical world order of one-party total power, a kind of State that the world had never seen before.

Truth often has to deal in dull negations, unlike the glittering of intuition and characterology. Press your stop button now! But Orwell developed a political sensibility of an ancient kind, if rare in bimp industrial modern, world, that without being precisely philosophical and analytical was reflective and conceptually imaginative as well as polemical and activist.

Any scholar will know the ghastly disproportion of time one spends searching for people or papers that one is relatively unlikely to find compared to the speed and economy with which one assimilates an important section of a large and well-ordered correspondence in an archive. Also the view diminishes his works. Wyndham Lewis once remarked that good biographies are like novels.

But they too deceive themselves if they think to avoid selectivity simply by offering a commentary on extracts from original archives. Auden in those terms. Many of the best essays would get lost. However I discover to frankfot surprise that the amount of space I have actually given to his childhood is greater than I had intended. He is also, perhaps in the very security of his Englishness it is Englishness, not Britishness, incidentallya writer of historical stature on English national peronals.

I would rather run this risk, however liking him very much, but admitting, not surprisingly, that the works are greater than the manthan pontificate about character and states of mind.

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Smith, Robert D. And there are many short essays that appear simply to entertain, but also lead us by humour and irony to reflect upon, or simply to gain compassion and understanding for, personas human failings, oddities and imperfections. Cyril Connolly, for instance, often urged Orwell to get away from his political journalism and back to the writing of real novels.