Evil" What's the one thing to liven up any party?

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If we do have a dwarf baby I wouldn't have any worries about it, and the same if it is an average-sized baby - I will love it just as much. Jay says he appreciates how I accept him for who he is and that I see him, not the condition.

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Now she just sees Jay, nothing else. She was in shock. Chloe, he is a dwarf, you're not suited. When I went back to university that September we made our relationship public. She said: "Why Jay, why Jay? Since getting married we have moved into our house in Colwyn Bay and are busier than ever before.

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Seeeking never go shy, but I was lost for words. I went with some of his friends to watch him, and met him and his family properly for the first time.

Seeking little personmidget

Evil" What's the one thing to liven up any party? I'm so lucky to have him in my life.

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Hire "midgets", "dwarves", and "little people" for private events, corporate events, or just to hang out. What I liked about him was that he was an all-round happy person, and positive person to be around. As the phone rang I was nervous. But I had not long come out of my recent relationship and we were both very busy with our own lives. Here Chloe recounts how their relationship unfolded.

Seeking little personmidget

In that moment I had that feeling in my stomach that you get when you see someone and you know you really like them. But I was dating someone else at the time, so it wasn't until we broke up the following year that Jay asked me out. I was studying in Cardiff so he sent me a text message asking if I'd like to go on personmidgeg date.

Jay hadn't dated anyone before seekinf so I always feel very blessed that I was his first love, and will be his last love too. I was about to tell my mum about my new boyfriend and I knew she would be shocked, so I had left it until I was on my journey back to university, almost miles km away.

Seeking little personmidget

This meant we didn't see each other that regularly so we decided to keep it quiet for a while. He always carried a conversation which is really important to me, and he just shone. Around a year after we made our relationship official Jay and I went back to personmidgte we had our first date in Betws-y-Coed for lunch.

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I turned around and he was on one knee, and said: "What would you do if I asked you to marry me? Because of who he is, and his condition I never really thought about him in that way. But looking back at it now she would have had reservations about any guy I got with. And, if not, what am I doing with him?

And inside I was also having a bit of a struggle - sometimes I can get very caught up in what people think and say about me, mainly my mum, so I was worried about it going further. I have grown up in the church since I was five years old, so it has always been really important to me and I have always wanted to have a wedding and a marriage - I guess I am traditional in that way.

I was a bit angry at her at the time, why couldn't she just accept it?

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He was friends with friends of mine, and we were acquaintances, but we became friends on the day he carried the Olympic torch when it travelled through Wales in May He had been chosen to carry the flame because of his work encouraging others to become involved in disability sport. To be honest, when we first met, I didn't really think about Jay as a potential boyfriend. I was worried how people would react. We got to the jetty and I sat down, and before you know it he was behind me tapping me on the shoulder.

And because Jay was "different", I guess I can understand why she was so shocked and reacted like she did.

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We then drove up to our favourite lake, Llyn Geirionydd, which is a beauty spot nearby. My mum was a single mum and fiercely protective of me and my two sisters, but it didn't take her long before seekjng changed her mind after her initial shock, and started to appreciate who Jay was and how he treated me. He is someone who likes to dream big and have deeking people around him who are the same. Jay was particularly quiet on the way up to the lake, which is not normally like him.

I am close to graduating from Bangor University after qualifying as a primary school teacher and Jay has just been elected a councillor on the local council.