Running south west camsen 6th Streets past Ferry Avenue and then all the way to Gloucester City, and eventually on to Woodbury, Broadway was extended north from its beginning at Market Street through to the Delaware River Ben Franklin Bridge toll plaza in the s. When Camden began its period of industrial growth and expansion after the Civil War, the intersections of Broadway and Federal StreetBroadway and Kaighn Avenueand Broadway and Ferry Avenue became anchor locations in the civic and commercial life of Camden and the surrounding areas. Homes and businesses soon filled in the "empty spaces" between these intersections.

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She was divorced since two year prior. Irene Blase was seen on Main Street, in Hackensack, at approximately p.

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No obvious s of sexual assault and no s of robbery or forced entry. No evident sexual assault. Single stab wound.

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Saturday afternoon murder - estimated around to pm. Beaten about the face. Killed about 25 minutes prior to being discovered.

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It's unclear whether the rings were recovered with the torso. Forensic characteristics: Date of death estimated as c. Reported missing by family after failing to return from evening band practice at Midland School field.

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In according to media reports, a hammer found in Robert Zarinsky's car had blood and a hair adhering to it "similar" to that of Balabanow, but was found to be insufficient evidence to lay charges. Penetrative rape according to the media. The side of her neck had superficial knife scratches. Wedding party with some forty teenage guests on Sunday night.

Witnesses described the victim being dragged away from between a bus stop and her home into a maroon Chevrolet sedan by a white male, about 25, 5 feet 8, pounds, slender build, with brown hair and chin length bushy sideburns. Wednesday night murder.

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Father and older brother away at work. Suspected serial killer Raymond Alves lived in Polizzi's neighborhood in A letter was found by police written eophie Baker to a friend in which she stated that Rule threatened to kill her if she dated anyone else. Holl also completed many projects during these years. Hubert's Catholic School ring.

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No of forced entry. Rule had briefly dated Baker. Investigation also revealed the last known contact with Hill was with a slender unknown male, about years of age, 5 foot 7 inches, light brown hair, pounds, at the Bolero Bar, located at Atlantic Avenue, Wildwood, NJ, at approximately p. April 10, The victim was wearing four rings: a star sapphire, a blue stone trimmed in silver, a ring with a garnet center and a St.

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Found in basement recreation room by husband early Friday morning. Deep strangulation mark around the neck where her nylon stocking was knotted tightly.

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s of recent sexual activity. Bruise back of her head.

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Saturday afternoon murder. Abducted from urban street.

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No further information released. Her husband went out, leaving Darlene home alone.

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Found in bathtub half filled with water. Near shopping center.

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Sheath never found. Cause of death: multiple skull fractures and lacerations. Incarcerated serial killer Richard F. Souvenir letter opener dagger left at scene on the floor between the victim's legs by perpetrator.

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Forensic characteristics: Victim was raped. Anne was still wearing heavy wool coat and groceries were found on the floor by her. One stocking and shoes missing. Witnesses claimed to have seen her in the vicinity at pm. A pair of broken glasses and a sandal belonging to her found about yards from her home and a yards from where her body would be found.

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Forensic escortt 7 year-old child victim. He hung himself with his own belt which police failed to secure prior to locking him in a holding cell.

Stabbed once through the back into the right lung. Weapon not found. Mother of three.