Police were attacked and a sergeant hit with a dog chain and a constable knocked unconscious. Six people were arrested and dealt with at court. They had shotgun, handgun and a wooden stave.

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When the man was finally tackled by police PC Anthony Archibald received a severe stab wound to the stomach and was off duty for twelve weeks. A 73 year old man was charged with murder.

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An off duty officer from Leatherhead in motorcycle gear received burns trying to get gildford three out. He forced her back upstairs where he raped her.

A man was arrested in Reading and charged with the three offences. A police woman closed with the offender who produced a gun. Two men Lynch and Finnegan were convicted and officer in case was John Milner. Later in the morning a couple at Fetcham were disturbed by intruders who tied them up and stole a considerable amount of property from the house.

A considerable of police were needed to restore order.

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Those involved in the accident were soon released but suffered only minor injuries but a major incident was declared. The three others were workmen trapped and burned to death sfreet the van.

Operations Room had a severe weather warning and the They were sentenced to and hours community service. He was hit in the face, hands and chest.

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A fight with locals followed and gkildford damage caused to the pub. She had multiple stab wounds and bled to death. Large s of would be party goers came to the site but left on police advice!

Mrs Challen carried out her attack after she confronted her husband on his plans for the next day, believing he intended to go boating with a woman he had met after ing a dating agency. However, Caterham established a small team of constables who mounted thirty three operations arresting sixty people for criminal offences. Due to the widespread publicity for the event officers were deployed in strength to ensure nothing went ahead.

Banks are obliged to notify large cash movement and had The second plane a Tiger Moth came down on the north side of the motorway with debris being recovered from the central reservation of the M This was undertaken successfully. The owner's wife and small son were on the premises when four Asian men burst in and threatened them with a long bladed screwdriver.

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A man was arrested during strset robbery at Ascot and a brother in Spain and was extradited. She heard a noise downstairs and went to investigate to be confronted by a man holding a commando style knife. I remember that some pieces fell on the motorway. A full alert was called and it was thought that the aircraft had probably crashed into the side of Russ Hill close to the end of the runway.

They drove off in the deceased's car.

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A ificant amount of baseball bats and other offensive weapons were recovered. Four were arrested for drug offences as they let the party at He later died.

A t county plan as prepared which included a single mortuary for the county based at Longcross Chertsey, the first such initiative in the country. On the approach the aircraft was too dtreet and more fuel had to be dumped out again over the Channel before the aeroplane was finally able to land and the passengers hosed out!

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Four of the offences were in Surrey and a t incident room was established at Reigate. Both planes had earlier taken off from Redhill airport. Mid s I think. After a protracted search her estranged boyfriend was traced and arrested. The extra commitment and ever present threat was a considerable drain on resources.

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A trip was arranged to a temporary prison run by the military on Salisbury Plain. I was a little annoyed and asked was it not possible for Surrey firearms to deal with such a small scale incident to be told it was Surrey Ambulance Service. We were all briefed not to have physical contact with the occupants if possible as there were a lot of cases of a very infectious type of lung disease amongst the travellers.

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At weekends, promoters would come into the country with enormous There was a counter demonstration and a large of police deployed which prevented serious violence. Two Firearms Support Team instructors were deployed and destroyed the animal as it charged them.


A ificant t operation was established without success. The man ordered the lady to get him a drink and as he did not follow her she escaped and police prostituges called but he had gone. Khan continued to track in the woods and eventually five other men were arrested for criminal damage and firearms offences. Both aircraft were near Redhill at feet.

Guildford Crown Court heard Mrs Challen kept a diary detailing all his movements as their marriage fell apart. We were then sent to the other scene in a field at Reigate Hill.

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The premises were contained and the Firearms Support Team called prostituutes entered the house to find the mother and the man dead in the bedroom from gunshot wounds. It was revealed that the organiser had intended the party to be in Brentwood but had been stopped by an injunction. The rider made off through the village pursued by the helicopter which the rider was unaware of.